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Malcolm X

No description

Taliyah Emory

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Malcolm X

Malcolm X Malcolm
Little. Earl Little "The future belongs to those who prepare for it" It all begins in Omaha, Nebraska May 19, 1925. Earl and Louise Norton Little give birth to was a Baptist minister and supporter of black nationalist Marcus Garvey. Earl's preaching lead to many threats by the Klu Klux Klan. Due to the death threats, the Littles moved to Lansing, Michigan. Later on in November of 1929, their white neighbors became aware that on the contract to the house it was written "This land shall NEVER be rented, leased, sold to, or occupied by persons other than the white race." So their small farm house got leaving them homeless and drowning in poverty. Two years later his father's body was found on a trolley track. This incident led to Malcolm's mother having a nervous breakdown, being judged insane and sent to a mental hospital. The children were split up and sent to foster homes. ImageQuest 1941 Up until Malcolm dropped
out of Junior High in Boston, Mass. at the top of his class and March, 1943 In He worked a variety of jobs like a shoe shiner and in a railroad kitchen narcotics, prostitution and , Malcolm moved to Black Harlem, NYC where he was coordinating various gambling rings. February 27, 1946 Just before Malcolm and his buddy, "Shorty" Jarvis moved back to Boston. But then... On They and a few
friends were
sent to prison.
Malcolm was
convicted of
burglaries twice
He was senten- ced to 10 years in
prison. Life in Prison (1946-1952) newsone.com Malcolm Little was given the name
"Satan" by the other inmates
because he often cursed at the guards and hated when people talked to him. Due to his behavior, he was often put in solitary confinement. This is where his anti-white idea got stronger. His sister then helped transfer him to a better prison in Massachusetts where he redeemed himself. He spent most of his time in the library and expanding his knowledge. He even joined the prison's debate team!
One day his brother Reginald came to visit and told him about the Nation of Islam and that it would help him get out. The Nation of Islam www.hartford-hwp.com moved in with his sister, Elijah Muhammad - The spiritual leader of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm treats Elijah with immense respect even before he knows him, writing him letters daily while still in prison. Ella, crew. Eventually he got addicted to drugs. Reginald told Malcolm all about the Nation of Islam (NOI). How they believed blacks are the original people of the earth, the lost asiatic tribe of Shabazz. That they were forced into slavery to wander Amerca's racial wilderness. The NOI is an ethnic group of black muslims trying to reach out to the black community. When Malcolm was paroled from prison in 1952, he was already a devoted follower of the NOI. He changed his last name to "X" signifying his lost tribal name. Born a the followers of Islam that Elijah Muhammad was having many affairs with women, their relationship started to break. Malcolm was silenced after commenting John F. Kennedy's death which led to Malcolm parting the NOI and founding the Muslim Mosque Inc. Increasing 30,000 in 1963. In the 60s racial tension was increasing. The FBI started following him and the NOI, monitoring their activity. When Malcolm found out ImageQuest A Life Changing Experience That same year, Malcolm X went to a pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia; also For the first time he was exposed to different thoughts, cultures, and beliefs which made him realize racial conflict effects everyone. So instead of speaking to only blacks, he spoke to everyone. His anti-white rhetoric faded. And the Muslim Mosque Inc. was associated with the OAAU (Organization of Afro-American Unity) with the ideology of multicultural universalism. ImageQuest known as Hajj. Leader Malcolm X was a deeply thoughtful, natural, magnetic leader. He was determined to get blacks back on their feet. And yet, more threats When Malcolm officially resigned from his position in the Nation of Islam, the FBI warned officials that Malcolm had been marked for assassination. Hence he and his family didn't travel anywhere without body guards. He's had many repeated attempts like bombs planted in his car and his home firebombed. suhaibwebb.com But eventually Malcolm X's enemies were successful in their ruthless attempts. Talmadge Hayer, Norman 3X, and Thomas 15X were convicted of murdering Malcolm X on February 21st, 1965. 1,500 people attended his funeral in Harlem a week later. suhaibwebb.com Credits Prezi (Multimedia Presentation)
by: Taliyah Emory- Muhammad How do the choices people make influence social change? Source #1- Database
"Malcolm X"
Brittanica School Edition Source #2- Database
"A Social Radical Ever Evolving"
by Kia Gregory
Philadelphia Inquirer
SIRS Source #3- Print Book
"Malcolm X by any means necessary"
by Walter Deans Myers Source #4- Print Book
"A Graphic Biography: Malcolm X"
by Andrew Helter [ ] Malcolm was made a minister in the Nation of Islam and helped establish mosques in Detroit and Harlem. He was also made the NOI's national spokesman. He communicated the message throughout the country. from 500 to Malcolm's mugshot Preaching in Harlem, NYC Malcolm giving a speech during his rise through the ranks of power for the Nation of Islam. Talking with former Prince
Faisal al-Saud, regent of Saudi Arabia boblonsberry.com Rushing to hospital after assassination. Malcolm asked a photograper
to take this picture to symbolize
he was ready.
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