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2.08 - What's your big idea?

No description

Daniel Perez

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of 2.08 - What's your big idea?

02.08 - What's your big idea:
by: Daniel Perez
The difference between Food that fuels and minutes that matter is one's to benefit soldiers to help communicate with his family while they fight for our country, and the other is to help keep their families warm during the winter for the parents working to make ends meet
A similarity of these two are that they both used recycled items to solve their problem within their families and meet the needs in their community. but you cant forget about the smart kids that came up with the idea to recycle their belongings to solve the problem and let nothing go to waste.
Another difference is that the solution to the problem affected the families and households different because the situations were totally opposite and now a family warm while a solider can call home to his family but all with smiles on their faces.
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