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You Need to Know...

for social studies

Stephen Edwards

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of You Need to Know...

The Civil War & Reconstruction
Life Since 1975...
American Expansion
World War I
World War II
Things to Ponder...
The Cold War
The Iron Curtain fell on Russia and surrounding areas.
Communism was spreading, and the U.S. was anti.
The U.S. fought communism through the Berlin Airlift, NATO, the Korean War, and Vietnam.

You Need to Know...
Thank you!
Causes of the War...
Major Battles...
Famous People...
The Effects of the War...
Important Amendments...
The Freedmen's Bureau...
Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes...
Don't forget our Big Prezi!
The Changing American Landscape @ the Turn of the Century
Conflict Resolution
The Transcontinental Railroad
The Chisholm Trail (Cattle Trails)
The Panama Canal
The Airplane and Automobile
The Battle of Little Bighorn
The Building of the Panama Canal
The Spanish American War
The Telegraph
The Telephone
Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt
Thomas Edison
George Washington Carver
The Wright Brothers
Why were people so interested in emigrating to America? From Where were they emigrating? Where where they settling?
Population Explosion
What were the causes?
What caused the United States to enter?
What was the United States' role?
What caused the war to end?
What were the effects?
The Roaring Twenties
The Assembly Line brought Mass Production!
The Harlem Renaissance brought African Americans great artistic achievements!
Mass Production brought Mass Spending!
People danced, spectated, and spent...A LOT... until...
The Stock Market Crashed!
The Dust Bowl made things worse!
The New Deal improved American life in the Great Depression!
Big Ideas
Don't forget those famous people!
Ellington, Hughes, Armstrong, Hoover, FDR, Margaret Mitchell, Owens, etc...
Causes of the War...
What caused the U.S. to enter...
Famous People...
The Effects of the War...
Explain Rationing for both the Allies and Axis Powers...
How did life improve for women and African Americans?
Who is Rosie the Riveter?
What do you know about the Tuskegee Airmen?
What thought process went into dropping atomic bombs?
What is a dictator?
Don't forget our Big Prezi!
Major Thoughts...
Life in the 50s and 60s
Worth Discussing...
Cuban Missile Crisis
Vietnam War
Space Race
Civil Rights
...JFK, Parks, King, Marshall, etc...
The Prezi..
Big Ideas...
The Soviet Union Collapsed
The U.S. is ever seeking to bring peace to the Middle East.
The Persian Gulf War of the 90s...
The War on Terror in response to 9.11
Technological explosion with the Internet
You must be able to locate the following:
Montgomery, Alabama
The Chisholm Trail
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
The Salton Sea
The Grand Canyon
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
The Great Salt Lake
The Mojave Desert
Think about agricultural and industrial locations before and after the turn of the century (1900)...
Think about how population, transportation, and resources have influenced these areas...
Ponder these things...
What are your rights?
What are your responsibilities?

(Voting, Obey the Laws, Pay Taxes, Jury Duty)
You need to know the first 10 Amendments... a.k.a. The Bill of Rights!
How is an amendment added to the Constitution?
What is a Representative Democracy?
Don't forget Amendments 15 & 19!
Opportunity Cost
Voluntary Exchange
Price Incentives
U.S. Economic Functions
Household -
consuming goods and services
Private Business -
producing goods and services
Bank -
provide checking/savings accounts & loans

Government -
taxation (also provide certain goods and services
Questions to consider:
Competition, Markets, and Price
...How do they influence people's behavior?
2. How do people earn income? (Selling Labor)
3. Why do entrepreneurs take risks to start new businesses and develop new goods?
4. Why is a budget a good concept?

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