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I see! I can! I will!

No description

Olga Budzhak

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of I see! I can! I will!

I see
beautiful sky on my way,
Without hesitation
I can
I will
become a hero one day

I see!

I can!

I will!
30-day charitable cycling marathon
involving visually impaired youth.
Western and Central Ukraine covering around one third of the territory of Ukraine
Partners and sponsors
US Embassy in Ukraine

Lviv City Council

Ukrainian Youth Delegates
enhance social transformation in Ukraine, so that visually-impaired people enjoyed equality, full participation in public life and leisure activities and accessibility of goods and services;
empower visually-impaired people and show a positive example of living a full life despite physical disabilities;
popularize healthy lifestyle among Ukrainians as well as create the possibilities of accessing historic sights for disabled people and popularizing tourism in Ukraine
collect donations for the purchase of the necessary equipment and general renovation of Public Library # 18 in Lviv into “Sensoteka” - a public space designed for joint recreation, leisure and non-formal education of both sighted and visually impaired youth.
I see
I can
I will
13 June 2015
4 people - 2 tandems
2 sighted + 2 visually impaired
- non-accessible public transport, shops, streets and state offices
- limited educational opportunities and unemployment issues
- no possibilities for recreation and leisure time
- no opportunity to gain awareness of Ukraine's cultural heritage
- overall exclusion from participating in the life of Ukrainian society
- visually-impaired people isolated at their own homes
- non-existent in the public’s perception
- disadvantaged youth is kept isolated in boarding schools
- there is no opportunity to interact with their non-blind peers
- misconceptions have been formed over the limitations and potential of the disabled, the visually impaired in particular.
Problems of visually impaired people:
As a result:
Due to the aforementioned reasons, members of the “Institute of Ukrainian Studies” and “Lviv Academy for Human Rights of Don Bosco” NGOs have developed a project aimed at fostering social transformation and promoting inclusion of visually impaired people as equal members of Ukrainian society.
The result will be creating and equipping a public space “Sensoteka” on the basis of Public Library # 18 in Lviv
particularly designed for joint recreation, leisure and non-formal education of both sighted and visually impaired youth.
We start
more than
Join us
Viktoriia Luchka
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