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Aerospace Engineering

No description

Aaron Ahmed

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Aerospace Engineering

By Aaron Ahmed
Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace engineers design aircraft, spacecraft, missiles and satellites. They basically design anything meant to leave the ground. Aerospace engineers work for places like Nasa, airlines, and the military to help further space exploration and secure our country.
There are many types of engineering involved with Aerospace engineering. One of the most important types of engineering involved with aerospace engineering is Electrical Engineering. Electrical engineers design and develop the electronics and power equipment for the craft
The median annual pay is $103,720
The median hourly pay is $49.87
The entry-level of education is a Bachelors Degree
You must be able to analyze design elements and discover problems and ways they can be solved.
Critical-thinking skills are needed to solve sets of problems.
Math skills are a must because almost all of aerospace engineers work involve some sort of math.
Writing skills are mandatory because you need to be able to explain your designs and create documentation for future reference.
Required Skills




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