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British Colonialism in Nigeria

No description

Geophrey Bowlin

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of British Colonialism in Nigeria

How did Britain impact Nigeria?
Once the British left Nigeria, the country fell into civil war.
In 1963, the civil war ended with the founding of the Republic of Nigeria.
What is colonialism?
Colonialism is the act of controlling a country's influence over a dependent county or territory.
Why did the British want Nigeria?
Nigeria possessed several natural resources including: oil, coal and metals, such as tin.
Britain wanted these resources to fuel their industrial needs.
Britain's other idea was to expand their empire into Africa to trade to nearby countries.
They also were in competition with the Dutch, who also wanted control of Nigeria.
How did the British rule Nigeria?
Despite the diverse cultures of Nigeria, the British insisted on ruling it as one, unified colony.
Britain did not posses the troops to control such a large area as Nigeria.
So, Britain relied on indirect control of Nigeria through local administrations and cheifs.
When did Nigeria gain their independence from Britain?
Nigeria gained their independence from the British in 1960.
In addition to Nigeria gaining their independence from Britain, they also became a republic in 1963.
British Colonialism in Nigeria
At the height of their power, the British controlled one quarter of the world's land.
What's indirect rule?
Indirect rule is the use of existing rulers and/or governments as puppets to control the population.
British colonialism
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