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Bio Extra Credit Proj.


justin uribe

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Bio Extra Credit Proj.

Empty halls you say So the empty halls and
spaces are usually filled
with oxygen ,to keep
everyone alive, and the
occasional stormtrooper
patrol just like cytoplasm
fills the empty spaces of
a cell. This is the hanger where
it receives its supplies
or the Emperor ;)
Just like a Golgi App.
receives or ships packages. Last Minute Prisoner Transport so this image kinda reminds me
of Endoplasmic Reticulum by
transporting Chewbacca to the
prison block in an attempt to
rescue the princess like ER
which transports things from
one place to another So tough skin i hear? So to protect this massive cell the Empire needs the stuff to make it pretty impossible to break into just like a cell membrane. "Feel the power of the dark side" So this gizmo powers
the Empire's greatest
battle station.. Just like
mitochondrian powers
a cell The death star is really just a big cell Death Star Cell Death Star Or Big Cell? ??? ??? Sooo... A garbage bay huh? Hanger or Golgi Apparatus :O could this be??
A lysosome????
Na its a garbage
bay :p.... Or is it
O.O Big Boom huh? They even tested it by crashing
their best star destroyer in it
:D "Open the blast doors open the blast doors!" So of course something
needs to surround the
command center why
not some blast doors?
Just like a Nucleolus
surrounds a Nucleus The big bad Command Center Now to the boss of this
big operation which
functions just like
a Nucleus of a cell
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