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Text Structures

No description

Faizan -

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Text Structures

Text Structure
Faizan Firdaus, Casey Webb,
Sam Stewart, Khushboo
Bhatnagar, and Sangho Han

What is Text Structure?
Text structure is the organizing pattern an author uses to structure the ideas in a nonfiction text.
Cause and Effect
Showing a relationship between actions or events by showing the cause of something and its effect.

Clue Words: because, due to, in effect of
A sequence is when a text is organized in chronological order.

Clue words: first , second , third , next ,
then , after that , last
What in the "World" is it?
Example of Cause and Effect
Compare and Contrast
Compare and Contrast is when the author is presenting similarities and differences between two topics.

Clue Words: like, unlike, more less, greater, worse, same, similar
Faizan had a girlfriend. (surprisingly) The girl broke up with his handsome amazing self. So Faizan (the amazing looking dude) jumped off a cliff. Then surrounded by all of his friends and family at his funeral, an aura of kindness, goodness, and modesty surrounded him. Then he lifted into the heavens and the world lost the most modest man alive.
Example for Cause and Effect
Sam copied Sangho's Knowsys in Learning Lab. Suddenly, Mrs. Robben entered the library. As Mrs. Robben was walking around she noticed that Sam was copying Sangho's Knowsys. Mrs. Robben was extremely mean and gave Sam and Sangho a 0. That night Sam was so sad and depressed about the zero that he hit him self in the head. It all happened because of the very mean Mrs. Robben.
Sequence Example
Compare and Contrast Example
Sam and Faizan are alike and different in many ways. Sam's favorite animal is a gorilla, unlike Faizan's. His favorite animal is an orca. Faizan's faviorite food is Beef and Veggie Lasagna but Sam's favorite food is Escargot. Both Sam and Faizan play on a basketball team .
Problem and Solution
Problem and Solution is when the the author states a problem and then gives a solution to it.
Proposition and Support
The writer presents a proposition, an idea or opinion, and supports the proposition with facts and/or reasons.

Problem and Solution Example
Problems in the US are heating up. People are polluting very big amounts of waste. What you and I need to do is reuse reduce and recycle. All of the plastic bottles that somebody throws away can stretch around the world 5 times. We need to recycle more bottels to help save the world. We also need to stop littering. Plastic alone kills 1.5 billion sea animals. We need a solution. Stop littering and put your trash where it belongs.
In conclusion, we think that the Xbox One would be the better choice if you're trying to save all the money you have. It would come to a total of
All frog start as little eggs. Then they grow into tadpoles. After that, they start to grow legs. Next they tun into young frogs. Finally, the creatures turn into adult frogs.
Types of Text Structures
* Cause and Effect
* Sequence
*Compare and Contrast
* Proposition and Support
* Problem and Solution
Proposition and Solution Example
That's all the sructures!
1. San and Ben are best friends. Whenever they had to pick a partner they would choose each other. One day Sam asked Ben if he could borrow Ben's MacBook but Ben said No. Sam got mad and he destroyed the MacBook. They swore they would never talk to each other again. The next day Sam and Ben were all alone and they didn't have anyone to work with.

What is the text structure for the passage?
2. First mix the flour and the baking powder. Then beat the sugar and softened butter separately in a large bowl with an electric mixer.
Once this mixture is all creamy and fluffy, add in the vanilla and eggs, one at a time. Now, add the flour and baking powder mixture and fold in with a wooden spoon. Then make a 12-inch roll dough and wrap it in a sheet of plastic wrap. Keep this dough refrigerated for about 4 hours or until it becomes firm. Then preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Next grease the baking sheets lightly. Cut the roll and place these on large baking sheets. After that bake for 12 minutes or until the colour changes to golden brown. Finally you can eat the cookie.

What text structure is in the passage?

3. Read the following passage. What
type of text structure does it have?
The dodo bird used to roam in large flocks across America. Since they were used to living in peace the Dodo wasn’t startled by gun shot. Because of this, frontiersmen would kill entire flocks in one sitting. Unable to sustain these attacks, the dodo was hunted to extinction.
Cause and Effect!
4. The world has become very dirty because of all the gas in the air. All vehicles and some factories pollute the air with so much smoke that the sky turns gray in some places. We must stop this and try to save the air around us. You can car pool,ride a bike, or filter the air in factories to keep them from polluting the air. Let's save our air.
A. Cause and Effect
B. Problem and Solution
C. Sequence
D. Compare and Contrast
5. I think there should be more natural parks in the world. All the people should know more about nature so we can learn about its beauty.These natural parks can serve as home for many creatures livng in the city. I think naural parks would be a good addition to the world.
A. Compare and Contrast
B. Proposition and Support
C. Sequence
D. Problem and Solution
6. There are many similarities and differences
between a Galaxy Tab and an I Pad. A Galaxy Tab was create by Samsung while the I Pad was created by Apple. They have identical apps with different prices. They both can be carried around easily and they are both used for many cases.

What type of Text Structure is the passage?
A. Compare and Contrast
B. Proposition and Support
C. Sequence
D. Cause and Effect
7. What type of text structure does the following passage have?

Chimpanzees and humans are alike in many ways.
A baby chimp laughs when its mother tickles it. After chimpanzees fight, they kiss
and make up. When one chimpanzee comforts another, it gives it a hug or pat on
the back. There are, of course, many ways that chimpanzees and humans are
different. Chimpanzees are smaller and stronger than humans. An adult male
chimpanzee stands three or four feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds. But a
chimpanzee can lift more weight than a man who is six feet tall.
Compare and Contrast!
8. What text structure does the following passage have?
A chimpanzee’s body is made for climbing and
swinging in the trees. First, it uses its long arms to reach a branch. Next, with its flexible hands and feet, it grabs and hooks on to the branch. Finally, it swings from that branch to another branch of tree.

9. What text structure does the followng passage have?
Wild chimpanzees are rapidly disappearing. Some
people should try to solve this problem. Otherwise, chimpanzees may one day exist only in zoos. We should try to save the rain forests and woodlands where the chimps live from being cut down. It will take many people working together to solve this problem.
Problem and Solution!
10. What is the text structure of this passage?

Although moths and butterflies belong to the same insect group, there are many differences between them. Most butterflies fly during the daytime, while moths fly at dusk or at night. Most butterflies have slender, hairless bodies in contrast to the plump, furry bodies of moths.

a. sequence
b. cause and effect
c. problem and solution
d. compare and contrast

Cause and Effect
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