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The Nayar

No description

Eva Green

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of The Nayar

By Amaara and Ann The Nayar tribe The society of the Nayar are found in Kerala, southern India.
Before puberty all girls of the Nayar tribe must marry a man within the tribe.
The husband doesn't live with the wife and has no obligation to stay in contact with her. However the wife has one duty which is to attend the husband's funeral. Women can take on multiple husbands (Sandbanham husbands) since they go for a long period of time to fight as warriors.
*This challenges Murdock's theory that the nuclear family is universal. Nayar Traditions Sanbanham relationships They are not like normal marriages since either party can terminate the marriage at any given moment.
The male partner has no duty to their offspring. However they must compensate the wife bearing the child with vegetables and cloth.
*This could relate to modern society where absent fathers must pay a child maintenance to single mothers. After one of the multiple husbands had declared being the father (whether he was or not) the duty for the rest of the husbands were done.
The wife would then get support from their extended family-The Nayar tribe. so for instance brothers, sisters, and children of the sisters. * so the women did not live in one family unit but in kinship groups where the eldest male would take leadership. kinship Groups
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