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On the Transmigration of Souls, John Adams

No description

Omg Hda

on 2 May 2015

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Transcript of On the Transmigration of Souls, John Adams

On the Transmigration of Souls,
John Adams
Comment des artistes réussissent-ils à rendre hommage aux victimes du 11 septembre 2001 ?
Présentation générale de l'oeuvre
Titre :
On the Transmigration of Souls
Auteur : John Adams
Date : 2002
Nature : Oeuvre musicale
Durée : Environ 25 minutes
Biographie de l'artiste
Nom : John Coolidge Adams
Naissance : 1947
Nationalité : Américain
Métier : Compositeur, chef d'orchestre
Mouvement artistique : Minimalisme
Les tours jumelles
"Missing..." "Remember me. Please don’t ever forget me." "It was a beautiful day."
"Missing: Jennifer de Jesus. "Missing: Manuel Damotta”
"I see water and buildings... "
"We will miss you. We all love you. I’ll miss you, my brother." "Jeff was my uncle" "you will never be forgotten "Looking for Isaias Rivera." "Windows on the World" "She looks so full of life in that picture” "it feels like yesterday that I saw your beautiful face..." "I loved him from the start. "You will never be forgotten." "I miss his gentleness, his intelligence, his loyalty, his love." "Shalom" "Remember" The daughter says: "He was the apple of my father’s eye." The father says: "I am so full of grief. My heart is absolutely shattered. The young man says "...he was tall, extremely good-looking, and girls never talked to me when he was around." The neighbor says: "She had a voice like an angel, and she shared it with everyone, in good times and bad." other says: "He used to call me every day. I’m just waiting." The lover says: "Tomorrow will be three months, yet it feels like yesterday since I saw your beautiful face, saying, ‘Love you to the moon and back, forever." The man’s wife says: "I loved him from the start.... I wanted to dig him out. I know just where he is." "Louis Anthony Williams. One World Trade Center. Port Authority, 66th Floor. ‘We love you, Louis. Come home" "Charlie Murphy. Cantor Fitzgerald. 105th Floor. Tower One North. Weight: 180 pounds. Height: 5"11". Eye color: hazel Hair color: brown. Date of birth: July ninth, 1963. Please call...’We love you, Chick.’" "My sister." "My brother.""My daughter"
The Sun,
Alex Spektor
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