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danny acosta

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Hungary

My Heritage Project
How we got to America
Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan
Kansas City, Kansas
Kansas City, Kansas
Atlanta, Georgia
My Family Tree
(My dad)
Fernando Acosta-Chaves
Daniel Acosta-Chaves
Ildiko Acosta-Chaves
(My Mom)
About Hungary
Hungary is a small country in Central Europe. Its population is about ten million people. It is surrounded by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. It is a beautiful place with history and culture. Hungary is most known for a type of soup named Goulash. The recipe for Goulash Hungary's fish is also really good. Hungary celebrates on the 20th of August the first king, Saint Stephen, and the foundation of Hungary as a country.
(Chain Bridge in Hungary)
Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The Chain Bridge is located in Budapest. It was built in 1849. Below to it is a famous castle named Buda var built in the 14th century.
Rudolf Kozsil
The 2nd
(My uncle)
Richard Kozsil
(My older cousin)
(My younger cousin)
Adam Kozsil
Rudolf Kozsil
Eva Bores
(My grandparents)
(Buda var or castle)
We moved to Detroit, Michigan and lived there for a while. My dad's job made us move four months later so we didn't get to explore much either.
My dad's profession is telecommunications engineer. That's what made us move a lot. I wasn't even 1 year old when I moved over to Kansas City in Kansas. I was only 8 months old. Although I think I remember a little bit about how our apartment looked like. It was big and had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a regular sized kitchen, and a large living room.
My dad's side.
Bogota, Colombia
My mom and dad met each other when my uncle, Rudolf Kozsil, worked in the same company as my dad. They became partners in many things in their jobs and one day my uncle invited my dad to Hungary where my mom was at that time. My mom and dad met and fell in love with each other and got married. After I was born we decided to move into America and start a new life.
My Mom's side
Now we live in Roswell GA ,which I consider Atlanta, since 2004. I visit Hungary every summer and I visit Colombia every winter. I really hope you enjoyed my presentation!
My Dad was born in Bogota, Colombia, (the Capital of Colombia), a city with about 8 Million people. His education was in a private catholic school and it was very strict. He had to take the school bus on the way home just like I do and had to go to church every Friday. In school back in the past there was not to much technology so it was a lot harder for them to finish school assignments like I have today. Some things they could only use were dictionaries, books, or asking their parents. Now its a lot easier for us because we have technology that can help us with things like searching things up on the computer for information. Me and my dad both like to play sports like soccer and martial arts. And we both ride the school bus home.
Tamara 2nd Acosta- Chaves
(My aunt)
Diana Paola Acosta-Chaves
Helbert Acosta - Tamara Chaves
Nicolas Acosta-Chaves
Colombia is where my dad came from. Colombia was discovered in 1495 by the Spanish conquerors. They found lots of gold and emeralds. Now, Colombia produces one of the finest coffees in the world. It is also the 3rd country with most biodiversity in the world along with Brazil and Indonesia. Some part of Colombia is also part of the Amazon rainforest. People from Colombia are Catholic, Christians.
About My Dad
(My other grandparents)
(My other aunt)
(My Great Grandparents)
Carmen Martin and
Alfonso Acosta
Ana Rodriguez and
Humberto Chaves
My mom was born in Hungary like me. She grew up in the city and lived in a tiny apartment with her parents in Miskolc. Miskolc is a small city where even I remember the way home from miles away. My mom's parents still live there and that's were I live each time I go to Hungary. My mom only had to walk 20 ft to get to her school. They mix up Elementary and Middle school together in Hungary. Like my dad, she could only use books as resources since they didn't have too much technology there. The school is still there and my friends and neighbors go to the same school.
My mom's uncle was the head captain of a Dutch sailing company, but died a few years ago. My Dad's dad was a president of an important bank in Colombia and also had seven brothers.
(My brother)
Ferenc Bores
Gizella Bores
(My mom's uncle)
(My mom's aunt)
Rezso Kozsil and
Anna Vari
(My great grandparents)
Peter Bores and
Emma Nagy
(Biodiversity of Colombia)
Detroit, Michigan
My Dad's Side
Compare and Contrast
By: Danny Acosta
Where My Family Is Now
After I moved to America, my cousins and uncle moved to Canada, but my grandparents still live in Hungary and Colombia. One of my aunts is in Australia and the other is still in Colombia with her mom. My uncle and dad still work in the same company except in different places.
(My grandparents from Hungary)
(My aunt)
(My uncle and cousins)
(My grandparents and other aunt)
(Top left)
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