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Irish Immigrants to Canada

Made by: Neva Neon

N Qahtan

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Irish Immigrants to Canada

Where did they settle?
Before the starvation there were very few ships of Irish that immigrated from Ireland. The peasants as I have mentioned have been through the starvation, so the noble leaders decided to set sail and travel to another country in big numbers. They decided to go to North America and Canada. So, there were lots of ships boarding North America and Canada. Some of the peasants decided to live in Montreal and also in other different parts of Canada, but mostly in Quebec.
Hi there, today I'm going to be introducing to you the Great, Powerful country Ireland. Ireland has been through the worst, according to the history of Ireland. The Noble Leaders of Ireland decided to set sail and aboard ships to travel to another country. So, as you see now in Montreal there's a Saint Patrick's day parade for the Irish. But before that there's a lot of explaining to do about how the Irish came to Canada and how those Noble Leaders thought of a way to save the people of Ireland.
When did this group arrive in Canada?
As I explained in the Introduction the Irish came from Ireland. The Irish Potato Famine is known to have happened from 1846 to 1849 (late 1840's) resulting in hundreds of thousands Irish arriving on Canada's shores. The Irish were famine Irish which a lot of you don't know what famine means, it means that you're hungry most of the time, and that the food shortage is very low in the country. During the famine approximately 1 million people got separated from their lives and a million more emigrated from Ireland, causing the island's population to fall between 20% and 25%. The scientists are still studying how the famine started in Ireland, they're most highly common answer is that the cause of famine was a potato disease commonly known as potato blight, and that is an answer which might be what happened, since the Irish at that time were farmers, so they planted crops. Potato's were mostly farmed in Ireland.
What Significant events have happened to the Irish Immigrants over Canadian History?
The Irish have went through a lot to get to what they wanted:
1) The Irish didn't speak English or French, instead some of them spoke Irish. Some of the poor and homeless people didn't speak anything, and all they knew was how to plant and work all day, but some knew a couple of Irish words. It was really hard for them to find a job since they didn't know any of the languages that were spoken in Canada.
2) The Irish had the sickness aboard with them, so the healthy and fit people got ill and lots of people died aboard the ship that the ship got very bad-smelling and stinky, that some of the people who didn't deserve to be buried in the earth were sent to drown in the seas the Irish were sailing

**Can you Imagine how mean and heartless that is!!!!**
3) There were lots of Canadians who were heartless, that they didn't even bother to give the Irish a chance to help them by giving them a home/ hiring them to work.
Symbols that represent the Irish:
There are many things that represent the Irish, some of the things that you guys know about is the 4 leafed clover, since it's
and many of you know that the color
represents the Irish and Ireland, and the Irish and leprechauns wear green too. Also there's the leprechaun, since the Irish tell folk tales about them, but that's not it. There's way more than only these 2 here are 3 things that represent the Irish:
What Contributions did the Irish do to Canada?
Immigrants to

Robert Whyte:
Robert Whyte kept a record of the terrible conditions many Irish immigrants went through while crossing the Atlantic in so-called "coffin ships", during the 1840s. Robert Whyte was a passenger on the ships that immigrated from Ireland to Canada. He kept a journal of when he was on the ship which was found and edited, if you want to read it, click on the URL to visit it:
The Shamrock:
This pleasant green plant was said to be used by St. Patrick to describe the way the Catholics and Protestants work as one no matter how different they are. Also considered to be representative of the color of Ireland, celebrators in Ireland and in different other places where they celebrate St. Patrick's Day frequently (usually) wear a shamrock or shamrock-designed (styled) jewelry to display their heritage and Culture. You can see many shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day.
The Irish flag, most likely known as the tricolor (tricolor is the short form for triple color). The green represents Catholic Ireland, Protestant Ireland (the orange), and the peace to exist between them (the white). The tricolor increased in popularity around the time of the Easter Rebellion in 1916. It is now the official flag of the country, Ireland.
Irish Flag-The-Tricolor:
The Leprechaun and Jack:
The Leprechaun and Jack are very common as main characters in the Irish folk tales they tell. The Leprechaun is descripted as a guarder for the pot o' gold in the end of the rainbow, he's almost like the Troll of the the Bridge to get to the Rainbow except the Leprechaun is the one who tries to trick you by changing his shape like a bunny, so we can get carried away and not get our winnings, which is the pot o' gold. You're wondering what Jack has to do in this, well, the poem Jack and Jill was originally from the tales of Ireland then the Canadian's took their idea and changed most of the story. So yes, Jack and The Leprechaun are one of the things that represent the Irish.
In 1871, Quebec had a higher proportion (amount) of Irish-born residents than anywhere else in North America. Down through the years, the Irish served an important bridge between the French and English, sharing religion, beliefs and culture with one, and history and language with the other.
The Irish also invented the Tattoo Machine, the Tattoo machine is used by lots of people these days. They invented lots of other things that we use these days.
Bad Events that happened to the Irish:
Good Events that happened to the Irish:
The thing that has happened to the Irish that has got them the respect that everyone here in Canada respects them about, is, that they didn't give up, no matter
happened. The reason why we all respect them is because they showed: Courage, Bravery and the daring act of Challenges! The St.Patrick day is held every year in Montreal because it's the way us Canadians respect them for how they used their actions for the good in things.
Focus Question:
Focus Question: How have specific communities in Canada contributed to the Canadian Identity we discussed in Class?
Well, you might have a different answer than mine, but my answer is: Yes, I think that the Irish Immigrants has contributed to Canadian Identity that we discussed in class, by the way, the Canadian Identity means what things have made Canada special like art, buildings, sports, government, beliefs, etc. They have contributed to Canada in many ways, like how they invented the tattoo machine and how they made a bridge to share religion and beliefs between the french and English here in Canada, and also they have invented many other things that a lot of people now use as their everyday priority. So yes, I think that the Irish Immigrants has contributed to the Canadian Identity because the bridge is a landmark, and landmarks are part of the Canadian Identity.
I hope you enjoyed my presentation.
Thanks for Watching/Reading and Listening
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The Bridge between the French and the English
Tattoo Machine
Made By:
Noor (Neva Neon)
Awesome I
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