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Watership Down

No description

Liam Roh

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Watership Down

Fiver has a bad dream, or vision, that shows the rabbits all dying. Fiver prompts them all to leave immediately Hazel and Fiver are living in the Sandleford Warren, and feel oppressed by the Owsla. Hazel and Fiver go to see the Chief Rabbit, who does not want, and discourages them from leaving. Hazel finally makes the decision to leave, but he is not yet fully committed. An attack led by Holly forces them out of the warren and also to a decision. When the group tires out from journeying, Dandelion tells a story. These stories are about El-ahrairah, and through these stories, give them morals and advice, teaching the rabbits. After crossing into the woods, Hazel makes many friends and enemies, for example, one ally is Kehaar and one enemy made is Cowslip. When Kehaar recuperates, he has an idea to get "mudders" for the group. They make a plan to raid Efrafa and get the does. Hero's Journey:Watership Down The Ordinary World The Call To Adventure The gang raids Efrafa and rescues a few does for themselves. Now the group have does as spoils for successfully raiding Efrafa. They can now sustain Watership Down The rabbits do not return to the Sandleford Warren, but they return to their new home, Watership Down When Hazel tries to save the warren, he is captured and attacked by the cat. This leaves the group to believe he is dead. However, a young girl saves him, and "brings him back to life," letting him go back to the warren. Hazel comes back to the warren, where the group is back together again. This sense of reunion, peace, and security now that the Efrafa warren is gone is the happy ending to the book, and the reward for defeating General Woundwort. Refusal of the Call Crossing the Threshold Meeting with the Mentor Tests, Allies, Enemies Approach to the Inmost Cave Ordeal Reward The Road Back Resurrection Return with the Elixir (picture here)

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