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Apple Maps Failure

No description

Mian Hamza

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Apple Maps Failure

According to techcrunch.com there are over one billion actively used Apple products worldwide as of March 2016.
What are Apple maps and the problems associated with it?
Apple maps ?
What is ?
Apple Maps Failure
What is ?
Problems with the Apple Maps?
How everyone reacted?
What went wrong ?
” Perhaps the most egregious error is that Apple’s team relied on quality control by algorithm and not a process partially vetted by informed human analysis. You cannot read about the errors in Apple Maps without realizing that these maps were being visually examined and used for the first time by Apple’s customers and not by Apple’s QC teams. If Apple thought that the results were going to be any different than they are, I would be surprised. Of course, hubris is a powerful emotion.”
-Dr. Dobson
What were the consequences of this?
What were the measures that apple took to overcome it?
Where now?
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