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Creative Education Conference

Education Show, Birmingham, March 14

Melissa Imai Romaine

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Creative Education Conference

Thank you! Any questions/comments on today: Melissa.Romaine@nesta.org.uk

Blog coming soon! Please follow me: @MelissaRomaine Creative Education Conference For Starters... #EdShow13 #EdShow13 #EdShow13 #EdShow13 #EdShow13 #EdShow13 A Little More Advanced... Scratch 2013 Education Show, Birmingham
Melissa Romaine, Nesta
#AQACreativeEd | @MelissaRomaine A Quick Poll... Go to: m.socrative.com
Room number: 880048 Which sector/industry is largest in the UK?
A. Film Industry
B. Music Industry
C. Theater Sector
D. Video Games Industry
E. All equal http://m.socrative.com/lecturer/#polls "My Portfolio" Another Step... #AQACreativeEd #AQACreativeEd #AQACreativeEd #AQACreativeEd #AQACreativeEd #AQACreativeEd "One of the best ways people can learn is by making and sharing things." ~ Luckin, et al.
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