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Freight Watch Security Net

No description

Stella Alvarez

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Freight Watch Security Net

Freight Watch Security Net Microsite Target Market
Consumer Positioning Critical Factors Creative Management Objective II Video
YouTube Proposed Changes
New Name
New Website
New Color Scheme Strengths
· The only type of product within this category
· FW has positive brand awareness within the technology industry
· Small size and is embeddable
· The product can save people’s lives
· Industry leading covert tracker Weaknesses
· The website is not interactive or visually pleasing
· The product’s name is not functional—doesn’t explain what the product is or does
· FW has never done B2C selling before
· Only works with Sprint networks
· Cost of the product plus monthly service fees Opportunities
· The target audience has a disposable income
· Target paranoid people—constantly worry about their family
· Management is open to change and taking risks, if they can be measured
· The budget is not limited
· The product can be related to insurance
Smart, responsible precaution consumers should take in order to protect the ones and things they value most. This product is a necessary insurance you need for the peace of mind that comes from the reliable assurance that you know exactly where your loved ones and most prized possessions are located at all times. Women ages 35-64
Income of ......$ Threats
Indirect competition—GPSit Who to be assured that their childern and elderly parents are safe. Measuring Results SWOT
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