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modify copy

compare + contrast 1984, BNW, and The island

Irene Chen

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of modify copy

70% of the world's umbrellas
60% of the world's buttons.
72% of U.S. shoes
50% of U.S. kitchen supplies
85% of U.S. artificial Christmas trees
80% of U.S. toys
95% of Amy Tsai's T-shirts are Made In China
80% of Irene Chen's T-shirt are Made In China
100% of the unsafe toys recalled in the U.S. in 2007.

=PRODUCTIVITY did they achieve such productive efficiency?

"China Daily reported that girls work between 13 to 14 hours a day from 7a.m - 10 p.m with two one hour breaks"
Similarly Natural Birth Process....violated Humans are never satisfied with their current condition; they always trying to reach Utopia

Winston having to work "ninety hours in five days"...violated
it's your world
Some citizens in China are too poor for education
"China Daily reported that [teen age girls] after first paying for housing electricity, water and training, workers have little money left over."

Work > School Knowledge..."Didn't need it and didn't get it" Similarly Newspeak..." narrow the range of thought" Undereducation
destruction of truth

China's government decides what to show its own people, Like wise it also decides what to show the world.

"arranged their lives so that it's almost impossible for them" to need God

Similarly no contradictions
no questions Put to death if one finds out about the truth... lack of protection for
human rights and freedom "show love for him and only him "
"Ninth Three Year Plan" Canada & USA Freedom > Productivity USA strives to achieve productivity as well..

but its simply not comparable...
Money takes away power from government and gives citizens freedom

Instability provides more flexibility in life decreasing productivity.

WORLD CONTROLERS 1948 2001 1947 1939
1932 2005 It seems China, the communist society shares a lot of common factors with a totalitarian society.

Achieve equilibrium to attain Utopia.

society will trade freedom for productivity. Totalitarianism technology mass communication inspires Soon we will be the controllers, the workers or the rebels of our world. Mindless jobs without purpose "lets march forward under the banner of Mao Zedong"

Similarly The Five-Year Plans of China

"Ministry of Love & Room 101


Medication and death

Telescreen & Thought Police

Soma, Nurseries and Hateries

Armed Staff

The TianAnMen Square protest

This is what happens when one gets in the way of the government trying to achieve productivity...

Forced to obey Laws Regulation & authority figures
Similarly Punishment & Authority It would take for a Chinese factory worker 6 months worth of his or her wages to earn the cost of a Thomas the Tank Engine train set. Show love for him and only him... FREEDOM or POWER? Freedom to Human Right took away productivity by limiting the work place

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