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No description

Johan Castro Molina

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of Alcohol

What Is Alcohol
Alcohol interferes with communication of your body to the brain, also affects how the brain looks and works. These disruptions affects your mood, behaviour, harder to think clearly and your coordination is unbalanced.
you only loose brain cells if your an alcoholic)
It can increase the risk of certain
Mouth / Esophagus / Throat / Liver / Breast
Strokes / High blood pressure / Irregular heart beat / Stretching and Drooping of heart muscle.
Liver inflammation (
Alcoholic hepatitis
) / Fatty liver (
Strokes / High blood pressure / Irregular heart beat / Stretching
If you continue drinking, your body will have dangerous health problems.
Cancer of the mouth and throat
Nerve damage
Strokes, and other heart diseases
Liver disease
Permanent damage to the brain
Unintentional injuries (car crashes, dangerous falls etc...)
Increased social problems
Increased family problems
Alcohol is a mood-altering drug, it's legal in most countries and most common of all drugs, but
some laws restrict some people.
Alcohol in drinks is called
"Ethanol Alcohol" and is made from fermentation of sugar, rice, grapes for wine, beer etc...
Or distillation for vodka, whiskey.
If you continue drinking,
alcohol can change your body's health, also destroy your social life and relationships...
Health Effects of Alcohol
The Dangers
Is Alcohol
Long Term
Short Term
Others Lives.
Your Life
Stage 1 :
More confident, comfortable, and talkative.
Stage 2 :
Think less clear, and say very bad thing you'll regret
Stage 3 :
Unsteady and confused, slurred speech, behave unpredictably and become violent.
Stage 4 :
Very confused, hard to stand, and most drinkers pass out. (Unconscious)
Stage 5 :
Still conscious and drinking, you are in grave danger,
because your nervous system has trouble working,
so you could stop breathing and
Depending on how much alcohol is taken and condition of the individual, alcohol causes.
Distorted vision and hearing
Slurred speech
Breathing difficulties
Impaired judgement
Decreased perception and coordination
Yes, alcohol can be addictive. About one person in 20 who drinks is dependent on alcohol.
People with an addiction may have difficulty stopping by themselves,
even if they want to, and even if other negative effects (such as financial or other personal problems) begin to outweigh the positive effects.
You only loose brain cells if _____________

One example of alcohol of long term effect to the body...

Name one of the stages of drinking

How does your drinking effect others....

Being an alcoholic or simply having too much can effect you in so many ways..
You can be charged for drinking too much or drinking and driving, and go to prison for it...
That's bad for your financial life,
and not get a job.
You can have permanent damage to your body that are dangerous.
You have serious problems and have trouble with family and relationships
Even have an accident while drunk and get someone injured or
. The accident will have effected many family's
Too much alcohol is just a ripple effect of negative events.
If you abuse alcohol and waste your time just drinking, your social life will change.
Your family and friends would be really concerned with your dangerous drinking addiction.
And your change brain and personality will change your relationship
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