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Golden Ratio in Art......

This is about the golden ratio in art

Christie Spegel

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Golden Ratio in Art......

by Christie Spegel 7J The Golden Ratio in Art The Golden Ratio in Masterpieces The Golden Ratio in art is found because it makes the piece more appealing to the eye. The Mona Lisa is a perfect example of the Golden Ratio. Leonardo da Vinci used the Golden Rectangles to make the painting the most famous in the world. The Great Pyramid has sides and angles that are pretty much perfect.The ancient Egyptians used basic tools to make the pyramid. They used "cubit" centimeters. They were little blocks used to make up the palm, hand or arm. According to research, the Ancient Egyptians used the Golden Ratio to make the Great Pyramid. The Golden Ratio in the Great Pyramid Sculpting is also a form of art. Sculptors use the Golden ratio to make it also appealing to the eye.The sculpting of "David (Michelangelo) is also a good example of the Golden ratio. Michelangelo used the Golden Ratio to make the body look more appealing to the eye. The Golden Ratio in Sculpting Pythagoras Theorem The Golden Rectangle is a rectangle with two more inside of it. The formula for it is a/b =(a+b) / a
In the rectangle above, the rectangles keep getting smaller, but are still the area of the golden ratio. The rectangles go on forever and it makes a spiral. The Golden Rectangle The Golden Ratio in the Great Pyramid can be found when you divide the slanting height by the base. 186.369 divided by 115.182 equals 1.61804. As you can see, this number is very close the Golden ratio number. The Golden Ratio The Golden Ratio is the number 1.61803398875 . It is found in all things around the world and the universe. There is the Golden rectangle, triangle, spiral and others. You can see this in nature, art, architecture, music and other places. In the Golden Rectangle, the rectangles keep getting smaller and smaller and keeps going on forever. The spiral in the Golden Rectangle goes around it as well. It goes on and on through the rectangles for infinity.The human eye wouldn't be able to see how far it goes. The Golden Spiral, rectangle and ratio. Here are some examples of the Golden Ratio in the world. I believe that the Ancient Egyptians did know about the Golden Ratio when they built the pyramids because the sides and angles are all perfect. The pyramid's area is the perfect golden ratio. In my research i found out how the egyptians have made the pyramids and that made me believe that they used the Golden Ratio. Reflection & Evaluation
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