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No description

Dann Randiz

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of Shakira

Work Experience
Work Experience 2

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Publishes an album for MTV. It was the first Unplugged MTV broadcast in the United States of a Latin artist singing in Spanish.

In 1991, with 14 years, Shakira recorded their first album, titled "magic".
First song in English
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In 1998 received the award to the best Latin artist.
Was born in
She was born from colombia, barranquilla
In 2001 published "Laundry Service" is the first album that I interpret in Spanish and in English, by merging the pop and the rock

In 1993 public his second album titled "Danger".
In 1996 achieved her first success with their third album titled "Barefoot".
Photos and Videos
Their fourth album was published in September 1998 and sold better entitled "Where are the thieves?"
Oral fixation

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In 2005 a new album, entitled "Oral fixation", recorded in Spanish appears. Highlighting her first Duet with Alejandro Sanz
Africa world and Grammy
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in 2010 his song 'Waka Waka' was selected as the official song of the World Cup.
In 2011, he received a grammy for best album of the year.
Brazil world

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In 2014 returned to be selected of it titled "la la la " for official song of the World Cup of Brazil.

Big screen and Singer
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In 2016 gives the voice of Gazelle in Zootopia film and a few months out song Duet with Carlos Vives entitled "The Bike"
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