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shang dynasty

No description

pearl marshall-brooks

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of shang dynasty

1600-1046 B.C Shang Dynasty What was health and medicine like? The class structure in the Shang dynasty was as follows;
1. At the very top was the Emperor/king.

2. Next was the Emperors officials, Yin was the second most powerful position. They controlled Military and religion.

3. Lords and Nobles came after the officials, composed of the Royal family or Shang Dynasty contributors.

4. After was Peasants and villagers who worked for Nobles.

5. Last was slaves and servants. CLASS STRUCTURE The laws of the Shang dynasty were made from the chinese philosopher Confucius.
Though the emperor could change them if he
wanted but the Confucius philosophy was set by many emperors during chinese history. who made the laws? The Shang dynasty had many different emperors. The longest reigning emperor of the Shang Dynasty was Tai Wu who reigned for 75 years. The shortest reign was by Wai Bing and Tai Ding who both reigned fro 3 years. Who was the longest and shortest reigning emperors? Health and medicine was very different in the Shang Dynasty. Herbal teas were used regularly. Acupuncture was used and originated from China. The chinese, during the Shang Dynasty believed illness was caused by upsetting an ancestor, being cursed or when a demon enters the body. Life expectancy was shorter than today but was longer compered to may other countries and society's at the time. Inventions in the Shang Dynasty The Shang dynasty was the first time when gold casting came industrial. With bronze, things like musical instruments, bronze vessels and weapons were made. The Shang dynasty also showed the earliest examples of glazed pottery. conclusion Overall the Shang dynasty was an amazing time for like inventions and medicine. The Shang Dynasty was established
in 1600 BC by Emperor Tang. It
lasted for over 600 years and had 30
different Emperors. It is one of the most recent dynasty's in China. WHEN DID THE SHANG DYNASTY OCCUR? emperor Tang Chinese herbal tea acupuncture glazed pottery from china bibliography Chinese culture -Shang dynasty

Chinese inventions-china knowlage

Indian, Chinese and Japanese emperors

Then again- Shang dynasty

Travel China guide- Shang dynasty

Who made the Shang Dynasty laws?- answers

Yahoo answers- What are the social classes of the Shang Dynasty in order?
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