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Breaking Night: Chapters 4-6

No description

Sara Cichon

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Breaking Night: Chapters 4-6

Chapter 4: pp.108-118
Chapter 4: pp. 130-140
• When Liz turned thirteen Child Welfare took her into custody for not going to school and she didn’t put up a fight.
• Liz met two caseworkers one by the name of Mr. Doumbia, the other nameless and was taken to Saint Anne’s Residence home.
• After arriving she was asked to undress for a medical evaluation, got frightened and wished someone would talk her through what was going on.
• After the evaluation, Liz was escorted to her room by a woman named Auntie who told the rules of the residence and introduced Liz to her roommates Reina and Sasha
• Reina spent all her time bad mouthing other girls and complaining about the residence.
• Sasha was extremely quiet, especially around Reina.
• Liz met with Dr. Eva Morales for her weekly sessions and would often try appeasing Dr. Morales and faking connection to her insight, to avoid her repeating herself about Liz’s discipline problem.
• Later that week Reina pranked Sasha by putting bleach in her hair and blamed it on Liz, then Liz was taken to a quiet room and was eventually moved into another room.
• Liz connected with her new roommate Talesha who told her the pasts of all the other girls.
• Talesha was moved to the residence after she had her son Malik.
• Liz was released that spring and had no idea what her life was going to look like. Upon going home Liz felt scared because of her future and that she was just being shuttled to another place she didn’t want to be.

Chapter 5: pp. 141-155
Chapter 4: pp. 119-130
Liz’s mother meets Brick and her change in behavior is visible as she tries to begin a ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ relationship with him.
Brick has problems such as drinking as well as smoking too.
Liz cannot accept the way her mother acts towards Brick due to the fact that she did not display the same affection towards her father.
Liz passes on to junior high school even though her attendance was low; she shares with us the way she was treated in school.
Liz’s parents do not attend her graduation and she reassures them it was ‘boring’ — parents are never present for any events that occur in school.
Jean and Lisa leave to move to Brick’s apartment
Liz notices Daddy’s change in behavior and expresses signs of sadness towards the emptiness of the apartment without Jean’s presence there.
Liz's truancy increases and she creates a barricade from the letters.
Liz discovers Ma and Daddy’s ‘seventies things’ packed in the closet; the thick stack of old photographs draw Liz’s attention to their life before her and Lisa.
Symbolic picture of Jean (headshot photograph) that Liz takes for herself.
She discovers a wooden box with a scrapbook labeled ‘San Francisco’; Daddy’s private scrapbook full of pictures of his youth.
Liz finds a photo of Meredith — a mysterious daughter of Daddy that he left behind.
Last photo Liz discovers is a Polaroid of Daddy and Walter kissing — Daddy’s hidden secret is uncovered; Liz panics and then begins to put the pieces together about her Mother’s suspicions.
Liz questions about leaving the apartment she is with Daddy and questions his frequent disappearances.
Liz tries hard to avoid Daddy after discovering the Polaroid and she hesitates when replying ‘I love you’ to Daddy, something she never hesitated to say earlier.

Jourdan, Ewa, Brandon, Duncan, Andy, Sara
Breaking Night
: Chapters 4-6

By the time Liz was 12 years old, her family had become completely distant from each other.
Liz worked, Lisa mostly stayed in her room, Liz’s dad took long walks and trips downtown.
Leonard Mohn was a flamboyant, thin man who Liz’s mother met at the bar when they realized they had the same taste in men.
Liz’s mom made friends with a man named Leonard Mohn. Liz’s mother did not truly like Leonard but she spent time with him because he had connections to drugs.
The two complained to each other and waited for Liz’s dad to return with drugs to shoot up.
Leonard did not like children even though he was a substitute. teacher and he would often complain about Liz and Lisa in front of them.
Due to the fact that Leonard and Liz’s mom were both HIV positive, they would often upset Liz by talking about it after taking drugs.
Liz rarely went to school and only learned from her dads unreturned library books.
After many warnings about her school attendance, Liz’s caseworker, Mrs. Cole, made a visit to her home where she told Liz that if she didn’t start going to school that she would be placed in a foster home.
While Liz was eavesdropping on her mom and Leonard’s conversation, she came to know that her mother was having an affair with another man.
Liz returns from St. Anne’s to Brick’s cluttered apartment and Liz’s mother is very happy to see her daughter.
Liz and her mother go to the counseling office where she is embarrassed by her mother and gets placed in a lower level class.
Ma and Liz have lunch together and have a heart to heart conversation where Liz discovers that Ma has AIDS.
Liz goes to her first 8th grade class where she expects to be bullied but instead becomes fast friends with a Latina girl named Sam.
Brick makes Ma fix him coffee and feed him early in the morning.
Sam and Liz become even closer and Liz feels a certain responsibility to keep her safe especially after learning about her home troubles.

Chapter 5: pp. 156-169
• Brick is harassing Liz’s mother while she is in a poor condition. Brick ends up hurting Liz as well.
• Liz is constantly deleting messages on Brick’s answering machine so he can’t hear them.
• Liz goes to get some old belongings from her old apartment, but everything has been thrown out, and her father is nowhere in sight.
• Liz manages to get enough attendance to barely pass and graduate from junior high school.
• Shortly after high school began, Liz receives a call from her father, she avoids telling him that she regularly cuts school.
• Liz constantly hangs out with friends on Brick’s couch, or at Fief’s or Bobby’s place, while avoiding the social services.
• With all these days of skipping, Liz’s circle of friends expanded to include several other people.
• Liz entertained herself each day with her friends by doing random experiments.
• Because of her mother’s condition, Liz would constantly visit to check on her. However, this is a trip that Liz was becoming more reluctant to make.

Chapter 6: pp. 170-183
Liz meets Carlos Marcano: almost eighteen years old, was neglected by his parents, and lived on the streets
They have a multitude of similarities including their mothers suffering from addiction, having AIDs, being neglected.
Liz spends the next few weeks pursuing Carlos, earns the nickname of Shamrock, and ultimately gains his full trust.
In gaining trust, Carlos tells Liz that she makes him happy and when he turns eighteen he’ll get a $7,000 inheritance from his father. He wants to get an apartment for himself, Liz, and Sam.
After meeting Carlos, Liz becomes more truant from high school and begins intercepting notices in the mail informing a guardian to call the principal’s office.
A letter from Child Welfare soon arrives calling for a mandatory meeting with Brick to address Liz’s care.
Liz knows that she does not want to attend school, at least not for now but doesn’t want to end up in the system again.
Liz’s mom always comes home drunk, dirty of blood and vomit where Liz then bathes her and tucks her into bed.
Carlos is over Liz’s house one day and helps Liz take care of her mother where he comforts her and says he loves Liz while her mother is in the bath.
Liz sits down with Carlos and tells him she loves him too.
Brick finds out that Sam is staying with her every night at the house and kicks her out.
Liz feels guilty about leaving her mother but quickly decides to leave with Sam and packs a picture of her mother, her NA coin, and a few necessities.
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