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Elijah of Buxton

No description

kassidy appiah-kubi

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Elijah of Buxton

The Life of
Elijah of Buxton

The Preacher
Recommendations and Ratings
The story


took place in Canada in a little settlement called Buxton, Canada around the 1860's.
I rate this book stars. I really enjoyed the plot and the wide variety of characters. I decided to give the novel this rating because some parts of the novel were hard to understand due to the 'slanged' language. Also, there wasn't much action in the book except for the ending, and even the ending was not too enjoyable.

I recommend this book to students ages 12-15 years. The use of words in this book is very colourful and can be hard to understand for a younger audience. The plot and life lessens taught in this book can be confusing for younger students as well. Lastly, the main character is 12 years old so it would be easier for students close to his age to understand.

When Elijah somehow gets caught up in a dangerous situation involving Mr. Leroy, he must put his "fragileness" behind and accompany Mr. Leroy on a long journey to Michigan where he faces and overcomes many different obstacles and challenges.
Elijah's story tells of his adventures with the people in his settlement, his family, his best friend Cooter, and his unusual relationship with a preacher who claims to be a holy man.
Elijah has a special talent called "chunking." This involves throwing rocks at the heads of fish in order to catch them. One of his biggest problems is "fra-gile" nature, as said by his mother. Elijah is easily frightened and extremely gullible.
Plot Summary
11 year-old Elijah Freeman was the very first child to be born free in the settlement called Buxton. Buxton was created to help and protect runaway slaves escaping from America.
theme song
alternate ending

Free Me- Joss Stone
I'm known as 'The Preacher' in Buxton, but I'm not in any way the holy man that I claim to be. I enjoy scamming, cheating and stealing.
One of my main targets is the vulnerable and gullible first free born child Elijah. He's never too hard to trick and I always get a big kick out of it when I do. I remember taking 'a tenth' of his freshly caught fish as 'tidings' to help the needy. I finished with a full stomach that day.
People often describe me as a schemer, a liar, and a thief.
I am 12 years old and the very first child to be born free in Buxton. I go to school almost everyday and thats where i learned to read and write and also where I've met most of my friends. I'm usually called 'fra-gile' because of my many fears and vulnerability. I am also tricked often by growned folks because of how gullible I am. But, I believe that those around me really enjoy
my company and I know that I am great help to those who need it. I love to catch fish by 'chunking' rocks at them and my family loves it when i can read them letters sent to them and all because not many growned folks around here know how.
People would describe me as intelligent, fra-gile, caring.
I chose this song as the theme song for this novel because of its lyrics describe this story very well:

"Don't tell me that I won't, I can. Don't tell me that I'm not, I am. Don't tell me 'cause I know what's real. What I can do"
In this novel, Elijah feels the need to prove to himself and to those around him that he isn't a fragile boy anymore. He demonstrates his growth and maturity throughout this novel and never seizes to prove how 'growned' he really is.
Elijah of Buxton- Alternate Ending
This novel's ending wasn't too enjoyable i was really excited to do an alternate ending.
After Elijah promises Ms.Chloe that he will help to free her and the other shackled slaves, he goes out to seek help. Once Elijah arrives back to where the slaves are kept, he notices that they are gone. He then hears the roar of a truck engine starting. When he rushes over to check it out, he sees Ms. Chloe and all of the others being driven out of Michigan. Suddenly Ms.Chloe's baby tumbles out of the truck and onto the ground. As soon as Elijah looks back up at the truck it is
already too far down the road to catch up to it. He's left with a crying and slightly injured baby, and the only thing that he can do is take the child and head back to Buxton.
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