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Author's Point of View

MiniLesson on determining Point of View of a story

Katie Wright

on 2 September 2010

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Transcript of Author's Point of View

Author's Point of View Just like buildings can look different from different vantage points,
stories also look different when told from different vantage points. Author's use different points of view when writing a story. Understanding from what point of view the author is writing can help you better understand the story! I felt lonely before we met our neighbors. The pronoun I clues you in that
this is written in First-person. Carlos felt sorry for the new kids, and he resolved to be nice to them. This is told from an outsider narrator - a "third person"- and so is known as third person limited point of view. Carlos is not the narrator, but only his thoughts and feelings are described. Ruth thought she was being kind, but Sam didn't trust her. Thrid-Person Omniscient is told from an outside narrator who knows the thoughts and feelings
of more than one character. Let's define this word; the latin root omnis means "all" and scientia means
"knowledge". Omniscient means "all knowing". Now let's look at a chart that describes this in more detail.
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