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LUREC Restoration

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Transcript of LUREC Restoration

USFWS Clearing
LUREC Wetland Restoration
Clearing --
Fall 2014/Winter 2015
Maintain cleared area from invasives, herbicide, seed
Invasive Removal
Georeference piezometers
Pond Removal/Wetland Restoration
Temporarily relieve pressure on berm*
Plans will depend on access to Moran parcel
Full Restoration of Wetland
Purchase Moran Parcel
Survey north ditch
Planning, coordinating, permitting
Create new outflow to saddle
Restore Old outlet channel
Stabilize/enhance north ditch
Landscape pond area
Submit plans to permitting agencies (allow one year)
Partial Restoration of Wetland
Formulate engineering plans for
Create new outflow through saddle area*
Restore old outlet channel
Landscaping pond area
Build boardwalks
Submit plan for permitting (allow one year)
Landscape former pond area
Apply for status as buffer to an Illinois Nature Preserve
Woodland Restoration

BioTechnical Erosion Control Ltd. (Randy Stowe)
Prepare USFWS application
Obtain estimate from contractor recommended by USFWS
Continue clearing in saddle area
Remove large trees in saddle (Davey Tree Care)
Preparations for followup herbiciding and seeding
Build restoration shed

(Given the history of the situation, without capital input from Loyola, we will not be able to accept the grant money.)
Summary costs of brush clearing
Prepare application, coordinate $1,000
Project Management $2,000
Brush Clearing approx. 15 acres $24,000
Herbicide 10 acres (contractor) $6,000
Other Restoration Activities

Large tree removal $12,000
Shed construction $20,000
Herbicide materials (LUREC) $2,000
Seed/plugs (LUREC) $10,000
Georeference groundwater wells $2,000
TOTAL $79,000
(TOTAL without shed and large tree removal $47,000)
USFWS grant $12,000
Moran parcel contains the north ditch.* Owning the parcel will facilitate both planning and permitting the wetland restoration and allow us to more fully re-hydrate the wetland
Contact Morans to determine purchase price
Alternatively, work with Patrick Doherty
Remove invasive woody vegetation (mainly more volunteer labor -- more than 3200 hours to date), including students from classes, fulfilling service requirements, meeting sanctions -- annual costs for equipment, lunches approximately $5,000

Land Management Work
Interns and staff trained in burning and certified in pesticide application.

Herbicide cut stumps
Prescribed burning
Seeds (many collected elsewhere on property)
Treating invasives*
Work with Neighbors to restore entire basin
Seek Donor for Nature Preserve
McHenry County has put many resources into saving and enhancing their remaining oak savannas and woodlands, which are "globally endangered ecosystems."* LUREC is part of one of the larger remnants
Restoration Overview
Wetland Restoration
USFWS brush removal
Pond decommissioning/ wetland restoration
Without Moran parcel
With Moran parcel

Woodland Restoration
We have GPS coordinates for piezometers*, now we need their accurate elevation so that we can map the underlying water table.
(Early Spring 2015)

The pond is a liability.
Preliminary Stages
of Restoration
The berm is deteriorating.
Because we are adjacent to Parker Fen Nature Preserve, we are eligible (and have been encouraged) to apply to be a "Buffer to an Illinois Nature Preserve." If we achieve this status, we could name our nature preserve after a major donor.
Temporarily Relieve Pressure on Berm
The importance of this step depends on how quickly we are able to decommission the pond.
(Trying to figure out when the berm will fail is like trying to figure out, without a thermometer, when a heated pot of water will boil.)
Summer 2014
Summary of costs for partial restoration

Short term outlet stabilization $6,000
Planning, Coordinating, permitting $20,000
Permitting Fees $3,000
Create new outflow to saddle $10,000
Restore old outlet channel $5,000
Landscape pond area $30,000
Boardwalks $30,000
TOTAL $98,000
Summary of costs for full restoration:

Short term outlet stabilization $6,000
Purchase Moran parcel $70,000
Survey north ditch $6,000
Planning, coordinating, permitting $40,000
Permit fees $5,000
Create new outflow to saddle $10,000
Restore old outlet channel $5,000
Stabilize/enhance north ditch $75,000
Landscaping pond area $30,000
Boardwalk $30,000
The restoration of the entire wetland basin in cooperation with our neighbors could be an example of a University working in its community that would be praised throughout environmental and educational circles.
Universities and Environmental Sustainability: Grounding Knowledge
USFWS has offered to fund
worth of clearing in the wetland.
1:1 match may include consultant fees, salaries, volunteer hours.
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