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No description

Felen Cheng

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Infographic

One visual, one message

Principle of infographics
One visual, one message.
Steps for Minimalism Infographic
1. List out all possible elements (perhaps using mind map)
Steps for Minimalism Infographic
2. Classify them in groups
Principles of infographics:
- one visual, one message
- Stay simple
Visualization of data or ideas
Definition of Infographic
to convey complex information to an audience in a manner that can be quickly consumed and easily understood
Stay simple.
Steps for Minimalism Infographic
3. Select the main elements
- delete the too complicated and abstract detail
Steps for Minimalism Infographic
4. Pick the unique features of the selected main element
- delete the too complicated and abstract detail
to represent it
Steps for Minimalism Infographic
5. Find a way to execute your idea/information
- e.g. change size/ colour/chart…...
Steps for Minimalism Infographic
6. Look back to the visual, ask yourself how essay is your
info graphic understand
There are 6 steps for designing a good and simple infographics.
Game: Guest Who?
Stay Simple
CD album cover
You! :)
Game: Workout

Minimalism Infographic
Chin Wing Yee Christie (12063562D)
Cheng Yuk Lam Felen (12063242D)
Li Pui Yee Sharon (12106542D)
Yung Sze WIng (12059335D)
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