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of mice and men, men and the natural world

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izas olbie

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of of mice and men, men and the natural world

why he uses men and the natural world
The natural world is used to show peace in the opening of the novella.
He uses words such as 'twinkling' and 'fresh green' this portrays beauty and purity in this setting.When the men come in to the scene Steinbeck implys that some of the beauty is lost.
How he uses the world
Steinbeck uses the world to describe settings and make the reader have a clear image of the settings in the book.
How does he present this
Steinbeck makes the setting in the opening paragraph sound enchanting and mystical.Steinbeck uses a setting twice, he does this to show how the setting has stayed the same throughout the novella, the novella implys that as the men arrive the setting almost stops and when the men leave the setting goes back to normal.
How he uses men
Steinbeck uses men instead of women because if women were used in the novel there would be a completely different effect on the reader.he uses stereotypical groups of men to show how they cope in a world of descremination and judgemental character.

Why does he present the men in this way
Steinbeck presents the men to be selfish and self centered, with the exception of Georges care for Lennie ,resulting in his loss.He did his because it adds feeling and conflict between characters.
Of mice and men, men and the natural world
quotations to support this
'and then from he direction from the state highway. the rabbits hurried noislesly for cover.'
quotations to support this
'crooks said sharply'
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