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Portion Control

Weight Management: Portion Control

Kelsey DePue

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Portion Control

Weight Management: Portion Controls
Do You Know the Difference Between A Portion Size & A Serving Size?
Portion Sizes Then & Now
Did you know that about two-thirds of adult Americans
are overweight or obese?

Currently in America obesity has been recognized as an
epidemic. Obesity has many contributing factors such
lack of exercise
over eating
One very important factor that is contributing to the
numbers on the scale is
portion sizes

Lets take a look on how portion sizes have rapidly
increased over the years!
As shown in this diagram portion sizes have been growing rapidly. By being aware of how much you consume and calories burned intake levels can be measured accurately.
A Portion Sizes is a specific amount of food an individual chooses to consume. Suggested portion sizes of food groups have been set by the USDA. For example it is suggested to have 2-4 servings of fruit a day.

A serving size is a unit of measure to describe the amount of food recommended from each food group. (URMC)" The serving size of that particular item can be found on the nutritional label. These labels contain information about the serving size such as calories, carbohydrates, protein and more!
Portion sizes do not always equal serving sizes! Therefore, it is very important to read the serving sizes very carefully and to make a wise decision on if your portion sizes are bigger or smaller than the serving size.
Measuring Portion Sizes With Ease!
-Meat, Fish &
Chicken Measured
With The Palm Of
Your Hand.
-Salad Dressing Should Be The size Of An Oreo.
-Cooked Pasta & Rice Should Be The Size Of A Baseball
Should Be
The size Of
A Ping Pong
Leading A Healthy Lifestyle:

- Get Daily Exercise!
- Remember To Be Aware Of Portion Sizes And The serving sizes!
- Adhere To MyPlate In Order To Get The Right Amount Of Nutrients
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