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Danone Marketing Strategies Presentation

No description

Douglas Phillips

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Danone Marketing Strategies Presentation

developed countries 55% undeveloped countries 45%
outside of europe 60%
Commercial presence
"Bringing health through food to as many people as possible"
Mission and Strategy
Daniel Carasso takes brand to France
Dannon established in the USA
Danone France merges with Gervais
Merger with BSN = BSN Gervais Danone
Danone sells glass business
: Investment in biscuit businesses
Acquire more biscuit brands from Nabisco
Divestment from beer and other foods for funding purchase of water companies
Sell biscuit businesses to Kraft
Acquire Unimilk (Russian dairy)

International Decisions
Danone's performance in Spain
Barcelona 1919
+100 000 employees

21 billion euros turnover
300+ products
170 factories
Isaac and Daniel Carasso
The company
Market Analysis
Competitors analysis
Marketing Strategy
Evolution of Danone's turnover in Spain
86% household penetration in Spain
"Scientific, Healthy and Responsible advertising
Corporate Vision
Lactaclis Nestlé
Grupo Leche Pascual
Postres y Ducles Reina
Central Lechera Asturiana
Senoble - Ibérica
White Labels
First alimentary group worldwide

Present in 84 countries

283.000 employees

456 factories

Own products and white label
More than 350 products

Diversification strategy

No white labels
Focuses of dairy desserts

Strong alliance with Mercadona

Price reduction

International expansion
Leader in the milk, cream and butter market

Mix between own brands and white labels

Wide range of products in the dairy sector

Second largest producer of desserts in Spain

Mix of own brands and white labels

Very efficient distribution network
Important price reductions

Fast growth through the last years

Diversification strategy centered in flavor, quality and a constant investigation

"Danone is unique and therefore doesn't manufacture for other brands"

Healthy products

Price reduction strategy

Future strategy

Brain development

Weight control
Large investment in R&D and publicity

Product portfolio revision

Constant differentiation

Collaboration with NUSA and Insituto Danone

New products
Publicity and Promotion
Actimel Points
Important facts in the dairy market
national production
intra and extra-EU flows
consumer behavior
variety of products
mature market
5000 million liters in 2009
Font vella
flavor yogurts
natural yogurts
fruit yogurts
Important cash prices

Large investments in order to reduce the price of some products
Special products
Social networks
Hotels and restaurants
"La Guinda"

"La Fonda de Toda Vida, pero de Hoy"

My Activia
Sales of yogurts (value)
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