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Marine Habitat Destruction

No description

Michaela Blank

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Marine Habitat Destruction

Marine Habitat Destruction.
Help Stop...
Land use and development regulation: An integrated approach to land use and management based on scientific knowledge is needed to protect coastal areas. Policy makers need to be informed on the impact coastal development is having on marine habitats through accessible and evidence-based information.
Hurricanes, typhoons, storm surges and tsunamis.
Human activities actually cause more damage then natural causes.
Examples of human destruction are farms create waste that creates runoff that weakens the reefs, and other things in the oceans.
loss of biodiversity.
Habitat loss has been generally associated to drastic declines in overall abundance and diversity of marine organisms. For example, in the Wadden Sea, the destruction of biogenic habitats has caused the regional extinction of at least 26 species during the past 2000 years [6]. Similarly, the loss of seagrass meadows results in a reduction in the number of species and abundance of fishes.
Marine Habitat Destruction is when fish or other animals environment is destroyed by natural or non-natural situations.
Michaela Blank
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