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A Confederacy of Dunces

A Prezi done by Jack O'Loughlin & Purag Moumdjin

Jack O'Loughlin

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of A Confederacy of Dunces

A Confederacy of Dunces By John Kennedy Toole Ignatius Rielly Ignoramus Dunce Plump Smart ass Lazy Pretentious Officer Mancuso Determined Incompetent Judgemental Polite Forgiving Trusting Irene (Mrs.) Reilly Loving Arthritic Unedjucated Wants to... Please Have fun oooooooooooooooooooooold Ignatius is a lazy bum. His mother crashed into a pole one night after they went to a bar. To pay for the damages, Ignatius had to get a job. Ignatius' first job was Levy Pants. He was fired after he organized a revolt against Mr. Gonzalez, the office manager. Then, in search of a glorious hot dog, he found Paradise Vendors, who offered to employ him. He accepted hesitantly, but ended up liking the job. Until... One day, on his route, Ignatius was interrupted by All the while, Jones, Lana, and Darlene are operating the Night of Joy. George, an "orphan," cosntantly visits the bar in search of "supplies." Jones gets suspicious. He starts to sabotage the bar. Darlene brings her bird to the bar and begs Lana to let her do an act with it. On his daily route, Ignatius is interrupted by George, who wants to pay Ignatius to keep his things in the hot dog cart. Meanwhile, Myrna Minkoff, Ignatius' ex-girlfriend (the concept of which is unimaginable) is constantly in correspondence with him.

Ignatius utterly hates her, and always seeks to belittle her with his ventures. While Ignatius is on his new route, he stumbles upon Dorian, an "old friend" (whom Ignatius recognizes since he bought his mother's hat at the Night of Joy).

Dorian talks to Ignatius about a party that he's hosting. Ignatius was under the impression that it was a political party.

Ignatius is disgusted. Dorian then leaves.
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