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Tears of a Tiger

No description

Rebecca Gunera

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Tears of a Tiger

Tears of a Tiger
Tears of a Tiger
By Sharon Draper
Main Characters
He feels guilty through the story because of his best friends death.
He was the one who died in the car crash in the drunk driving.
Andy's little brother that wants to be like him.
Andy's girlfriend. She's there for him through everything.
Another close friend that survived the car crash.
He's abused by his father at home.
Dr. Carrothers-
Andy's therapist.
This book mostly took place in the High School called Hazlewood High.
The schools' mascot is a tiger so the author uses that in the title.
The book takes place from November to mid- May.
Plot Summary
Initial Incident: 4 excellent basketball players were celebrating their win at one of their games. They were all drunk and one of the guys name was Robbie was driving, and Andy was next to him. Since they were playing around alot, Robbie crashed. All of the other 3 survived except for the driver. The last words Robbie said was "Andy! Andy! Help me. Please don't let me die like this". Through the whole story, Andy just remembered those words and he felt really guilty that he could have saved him. He went to therapy and all but nothing was the same. He starts dating a girl named Keisha to help him get through it. But it isn't until a matter of time that he just can't take it anymore so he breaks up with her. The climax all started when he reached his breaking point and couldn't take it anymore. He was rude and started acting up in class because he couldn't concentrate on his life. Thought on Robbie always popped up/ One day he starts going to school then returns half way there. He goes into his room and comes across his father's riffle, and decides to take his life away.
In denial
At times I felt like the story was in real life because of the true scenarios that can happen.
Anyone who is in High School or going to High School could read this book. It's really interesting.
1. What do you like about your book?
I liked how it started in the beginning by the boys celebrating together. And how Andy basically learns his lesson by drunk driving, although his life isn't the same anymore.
2. How did (or does) the book make you feel when you are reading it? (MOOD)
Surprisingly while reading this book, it made me shed a tear and once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. I got sentimental when Andy takes his own life away.
3. What is unique about the author's writing style?
4. To whom would you recommend this book?
I'd recommend this book for someone who is going through a tough situation in school especially losing a close friend, even considered like a brother.
What is unique is that it is written in multiple points of view not just one person. I was able to read it from Andy's perspective and others too.
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