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Principles of Teaching

No description

Ella Wolf

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of Principles of Teaching

Principles of Teaching
Six Principles of Teaching
1. Good teaching involves skills in guiding learning
2. Good teaching is kindly and sympathetic
3. Good teaching is cooperative
4. Good teaching diagnosis difficulties
5. Good teaching is remedial
6. Good teaching liberates the learner
How Principles of Teaching are Derived
through the pooling of the opinions of experts
through comparative studies of the teaching performance of capable and incapable teachers
through experimental studies of teaching and learning in the classroom
from the results of experiments which are the universal methods of deducing principles
from critically analyzed experience or from systematic investigations
by Chrischelle Lopez
-adopted from Latin word Princeps
( the beginning or the end of all things)
-used to express fundamental laws
and bring out ultimate objectives
"...a comprehensible law or doctrine from which others are derived or on which others are founded." -Webster
"...it is a rule for guiding the ship of education so that it will reach the port designated by the philosophy of education; it is a compass by which the path of education is directed." -Hopkins
"...chief guides to make teaching and learning effective and productive."
- important for governing of actions and the operation of techniques in an field of education
-explains educational processes
-show how things are done and how educational results are achieved
-guides reflective thinking and choice of
activities or actions
-an accepted principle become part of one's philosophy which serves to determine and evaluate his educational aims, activities, practices and outcomes
Good teaching diagnosis difficulties
Good teaching is remedial
Good teaching liberates the learner
Dr. Reynaldo Inocian
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