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Interdependence of systems in a market

By Nihar Abhyankar

Nihar Abhyankar

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Interdependence of systems in a market

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli by Nihar Abhyankar
Grade 2B RY Interdependence of Systems in a Market 1. Raw Materials If the raw materials are not there the factory
cannot create the product. 2. Factory The factory takes the raw materials and
creates a product with them. 3. Transporter The transport takes the product and gives it to the wholesaler. The wholesaler takes the product from the transport
and stores it in the warehouse. 5. Retailer The retailer buys the prduct from the
wholesaler. 6. Consumer The retailer puts the product in his shop after
buying it. The consumer sees the product and wants
to buy it. The factory will only make the product
if there is more demand. But if the factory does not have the raw materials needed it cannot create the product. But if the supplier does not want to give
the raw material to the factory, then the factory has to find some other supplier for the raw material. But if the transport poeple say they are
on strike, the wholesaler will not get the product and the factory will not get the money. 4. Wholesaler If there is no demand the wholesaler will not take
the product and the factory will not get money. But if there is no demand, the retailer will not buy the product from the wholesaler.
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