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Cameron Messer

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of MOOCs

According to de Waard (2011) "lifelong learning skills will be improved, for partcipating in a MOOC forces you to think about your own learning and knowledge absorption ".

-2008 the term MOOCs was coined

Course consisted of:
- 25 tuition-paying students
-Over 2200 Non-Paying online students
What is a Mooc ?
Literacy Skills 1
Early MOOCs
Fast Foward --> 2012

-Year of the MOOC

Three Major Companies

-Surge of enrollment
Massive Open Online Courses

Literacy Skills 2
1. Social Networking
2. Listening Skills
3. Reading
4. Resarching information on websites

Development of MOOCS
-Encourage the development of learners through open and transparent learning

-Access to posted resources, learning management systems, and more

-Open Access and Scalability

-Diversity between MOOCs


by Team Tartar Sauce
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