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Oceans and continents

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Teresa Stallard

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of Oceans and continents

The Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean is the largest of all the Earth's oceans. It extends from the Arctic in the north to the Southern Ocean in the south. tHE ocean covers 46% of Earth's surface.
The Indian Ocean

THE iNDIAN oCEAN The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceans, covering approximately 20% of the water on the Earth's surface.

The Southern Ocean
tHE southern is the fourth largest ocean. Large icebergs are very common in its waters, as well as countless iceberg fragments and sea ice of varied depths.
The Arctic Ocean
The Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest of all of the five oceans. The coastline is estimated to be 45,390 km (28,200 mi) long.

Oceans and continents
The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest oceanic divisions. This ocean covers 22% of the Earth's surface.
The Atlantic Ocean
North America
The Continent of Africa
Fast Fact: Africa, the planet's 2nd largest continent.

Weaher: Africa is the hottest continent on earth. TEMPERATURES IN aFRICA REACH MORE THAN 100 DEGREES. It usually receives 3–7.5 inches (76–190 mm) of rain each year.

LANDFORMS: THE cONGO rIVER Basin of Central Africa. Its about 1,400,000 sq. miles.

Land Statistic: Africa is about 30,221,532 sq km, 11,668,599 sq miles.

fAMOUS Natives: Nelson Mandela was the former President of Africa during 1994-1999. Another native is Cleopatra, who was born in Alexandria, Egypt.

The continent of Australia / Oceania
Fast Fact: Major languages include the Aboriginal Australian languages from the Pama–Nyungan and Trans–New Guinea families, and approximately forty Polynesian languages.

WEATHER: Australia has an overall average temperature of 12.9 C, or 55 F. With low rainfall and humidity through much of Australia and winter temperatures barely dipping below freezing.

Landforms: Australia is extremely dry, with about 35 percent of the country receiving very little rain (if any). Almost 20 percent of available land is some form of desert.

Land Statistic: Australia is about 8,112,000 sq km, 3,132,059 sq miles.

Famous Natives: N/a


THe Continent of aSIa

Fast fact: Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent.

Weather: The seasons are opposite. For example, spring comes in October to December.

Land Forms: Some of Asia's landforms are deserts like the Arabian Desert, Gobi desert and many more. Asia's other landforms are mountains like the Himalayas.

Land statistic: Asia is the largest continent in area at 43,820,000 sq km, (16,920,000 sq miles)

Famous Natives: Some famous are Genghis Khan and King Faisal.

sYMBOLS: the Panda is native to Asia, just like the Bengal tiger.

North America

Weather: The weather varies a lot. Climates range from Arctic cold to Equatorial heat, and everything in between.

Landforms: Some of North America's landforms are mountains like the Rocky mountains, Appalachian Mountains, and the Highest Peak in North America, Mt. KMcKinley, 20,320 ft. (6,194 m) is located here.

lAND statistic: The continent is 24,474,000 sq km, 9,449,460 sq miles,
It's the third-largest continent in area, following Asia and Africa.

FAMOUS nATIVES: sOME FAMOUS NATIVES ARE george Washington, Bob Marley, and Benjamin Franklin.

Symbols: One of the major symbols is the American flag. Another symbols is the Great seal of North America.

Fast fact: The name "Europe" comes from Greek mythology

Weather: Warm winds sweep freely across (central) Europe because the western edges of the continent are not shielded by significant mountain ranges. Yearly rainfall averages across Europe run between 20 and 60 inches, depending on location.

Land statistic: the Continent Size is 9,938,000 sq km, 3,837,081 sq miles.

Landforms: some of landforms include mountain like the Carpathian Mountains, Balkan Mountains, and Caucasus Mountains.

Famous Natives: some famous natives are Beethoven, Christopher Colmbus, The Beatles, and Alexander the Great.

Symbols: Some of the symbols in Europe is the Effiel Tower in France to The The Colosseum in Rome.
South America
Fast Fact: the Major Languages are Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Arabic, and dozens of indigenous languages.

Weather: Conditions are hot, humid and wet (year round) in the coastal regions of Colombia and Venezuela. Summer temperatures exceeding 100°F are somewhat common.

Landforms: some landforms are mountains like the Andes Mountains. This toothy-edged mountain system, some 4,500 miles (7,240 km) in length.

Land Statistics: the content is 17,819,000 sq km, 6,879,000 sq miles and the 4th largest continent in area.

famous Natives: Hugo Chavez, Jose R. Ruiz, and Pele

Symbols: Some symbols like the coat of arms of Brazil is one of the major Symbols of Brazil.

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