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Igbo Religion

No description

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Igbo Religion

Igbo Religion
Seth Hardy
Jimbo Gaskey
Drew Whiting
The Igbo people were converted to Christianity (Catholicism) in the mid to late 1800's.
They also believe in an evil god or satan. He is given the name Ala
The Igbo people belived in one creator known as Chineke or Chukwu.
He is known as the creator of the visible universe.
Origin of Religion
Current Religion
The conversion happened because of The Third Great Awakening, The Age of Imperialism,and Colonialsim.
Why the conversion?
Outcasts of the
tribe accepted.
Mothers wanted to save their children.
People wanted
their children
to be educated
in the church.
They believed the church had special powers.
Church mission.
The missionaries objective was to rebuild the Igbo society in a better way while incorporating God in their lives.
Christian Tradition
Before the influence of Europeans and Christian missions most Igbo practiced some form of ancestor worship.
The ibo believed only way to succeed in this world is to please the deceased.
Their main way of worship was by song
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