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How the Cold War could have been avoided

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Steff Aquino

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of How the Cold War could have been avoided

How the Cold War could have been avoided
Stalin’s mistrust of Churchill and Roosevelt, especially their refusal to open a second front in France until 1944.
Churchill and Roosevelt could have acted faster
towards Stalin’s request to open a second front in France, which would have helped Stalin and given him a relief of himself and his troops.

Issue #1
Issue #2
The Soviet loss of life compared to losses
suffered by great Britain and the United States.
If Churchill and Roosevelt acted earlier,
then the amount of lives wouldn’t have been that great, due to the relief effort given to the Soviets by Great Britain and the United States.

Issue #3
The desire for a buffer between
the Soviet Union and western Europe.
Allowing the Soviet Union and the West to form an agreement on who can claim land
in Europe and allowing countries to pick their own government and become independent.

Issue #4
The issue surrounding Poland and
Eastern Europe after the war.
The Soviet Union could have allowed Poland to gain their independence.
As for Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union could have given more rights and freedoms to the countries it has control over, giving it aid rather than holding it down. This would have given the Soviet Union allies that would have proven helpful in the future.
Issue #5
The US development of the
atomic bomb.
It started an arms race between the two superpowers. What could have helped would have been the United States being more up front with the Soviet Union about their intentions with the atomic bomb, deterring any and all doubts the Soviet Union had against the United States.

Issue #6
The American Marshall Plan.
The Soviet Union and the United States could have pulled resources
and aided Europe together, allowing for Eastern Europe to get help and assistance.

How it all could have been avoided
More communication would have been vitally important in the prevention of the Cold War.

A clear outline of the goals of both sides would
have been helpful, due to the fact that it allows each side to see the intentions of the other.

A map defining the borders of Communist and
Capitalist countries that satisfied both parties.

Both the United States and the
Soviet Union could have finally
agreed to an armistice earlier
that would have prevented the
arms race the two countries had
during the Cold War.

Matthew Farrugia
Dakota Duggar
Frances Aquino
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