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Awsome TV Shows To Watch

Dragon Ball/Z/GT, Family Guy, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, and One Piece!!!!!!

Shenron Dragon

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Awsome TV Shows To Watch

Awesome TV Shows
Dragon Ball/Z/GT
Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT are all connected on an amazing anime series first made in about 1995. It's funny and adventurist along with many amazing fight scenes that you would never expect.
These shows show life and death situations, actual death, and some random fun thrown into it.
Soul Eater
In Soul Eater, the school called the DWMA Miesters/the people who wield weapons, need to kill and collect 99 Kieshen souls (a type of monster's soul) and one Witch soul to become a death scythe. This academy is run by the Lord Death himself and his own symmetry obsessed son along with his friends are in this school and are the main characters. they have to fight many challenges and witches and even a full blown Kieshen and themselves. And some are able to turn into the weapons that their parteners use.
Fairy Tail is a show about mages, magic, dark guilds and guilds, and lots of fighting. Fairy Tail is the #1 guild until the strongest people in the guild are frozen in time for 7 years later on in the story line. Three people were even raised by a different dragon each and are looking for the missing dragons. There are many unique things about this show that you won't find in any other's and it's always fun to watch no matter how old you are.
One Piece
One Piece is a show about a pirate named Luffy trying to make the greatest pirate crew around, while also in search for the legendary richest of the rich pirate gold stash called the One Piece. He gathers many friends and very good crew members along the way of his journey. Luffy also unluckily eaten the Gum Gum Devil fruit, which took away his ability to swim in return for his body becoming exactly like rubber.
Family Guy
Family Guy is a show about a dysfunctional family with a lot of very funny moments that has a talking dog, an evil monkey in a closet, an evil genius baby trying to kill his mother, and a father that acts like a six year old. It has no true plot, but it is still very funny.
Fairy Tail
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