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Social Service Work

No description

Essence Mahoney

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Social Service Work

Social Service Work
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Soft Skills: 9 essential Skills

Hard Skills: Working with others, experience

What is Social work?
Bachelor of science in social work​ (BSW)
* master degree in social work​ (MSW)
doctorate or Ph.D. Degree​

Seneca college​
York university
Skills and Abilities Required
Working Conditions/ Lifestyle Impacts
Current and projected job openings
Employment grew at an average rate

Current (2013-2017): Average Previous

(2009-2013): Above Average
Employment (non-student) in 2012: 150,358

By: Amreen A, Ismahan A, Essence M, Maryam S and Amy L
Family Roles

Physical Environment
Stress Level
Type of Supervision
Work Related Travel
Certificates/license/ affiliation
Varies from province to province
register with their provincial regulatory body.
affiliate=visit casw acts fill out the forms.
Employing Organizations/Becoming Employed
Organizations who hire persons in this occupation

Can people be self-employed ?
How to find employment in this occupation?
Is there internships, volunteering, job fairs, faculty referrals, websites ?
Salary Information
Game Time!
Thank You For Listening!

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A) Stay home and argue that you are suppose to have the weekend off

B) Do not follow up with the case

C) Follow up with the child, occasional evening and weekend work is necessary

D) Quit your job because you never get a day off

Scenario #5 Possible Answers

A) Give the nurse all the information that was told, in great detail

B) Give the nurse hints as to what the elderly man has said

C) Tell the nurse that their is a client/customer based confidentiality agreement

D) Tell the nurse that it cannot be discussed on the job but if they meet elsewhere, you can give the information

Scenario #3 Possible Answers

A) Approach the child and ask if they are being sexually hurt by someone at home

B) Lie and say that you don't see any signs and allow the child to continue their normal routine

C) Call the parents and ask them to come to the school, explain to them that you see signs of sexual abuse and need to take that child out of the home

D) Follow up on the child regularly by going to their home, if the signs are continuous the child will then be removed from the home as a last resort.

Scenario #2 Possible Answers

A) Turn her away and tell her there is nothing you can do

B) Tell her she isn't smart for getting pregnant at a young age

C) Welcome her into your office, seat her, ask her everything that
has happened and explain to her that she has come to the right place.

D) Refer her to someone else who could be of better help

Scenario #1 Possible Answers

Scenario #4 Possible Answers
A) I did a masters in Social Work, I am excellent with people, I have great communication skills and a great amount of experience in community work​

B) I have a bachelors in Social Work and good customer/client based interaction​

C) I have a high school diploma and I have good communication skills
Introduction to Social Welfare and Human Services​
Principles and Practice in Social Work

Human Behavior Theory ​
Issues In Social Welfare​
Social Work Practice in Research ​
Statistics For Social Work Research

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Thank you for listening!
Entry Level (0-5 years)
Mid-career (5-10 years)
Experienced (10-20 years)
Late-career (20+)
Child Abuse and Neglect​
Social Work With Children and Adolescents ​
Practice in Home and Community Settings with Older Adults (5)
Demand for social workers (7)
Immense expansion of the use of information technology in social work practice. (7)

87% of workers in this occupation work full-time, compared to the average of 81% for all occupations.
83% of social workers are female, compared to 48% for all occupations.
building block of a community
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