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Personal Al-Hajj E-guide

No description

sam .m

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Personal Al-Hajj E-guide

Personal Al-Hajj E-guide
In the recent past we witnessed many accidents during performance of Al Hajj. There were various reasons but loss of location was the major issue.
Personal Al-Hajj E-guide project will help pilgrims to complete their Hajj without any errors and to guide them to right location.
Personal Al-Hajj E-guide project is an Android based a guiding application for pilgrims to access all information about hajj rituals and steps.
This application is dependent on Global Positioning System (GPS) that compares the location of pilgrims with date and time then guide.
This application sends the alerts to the pilgrim if they are in the wrong place.
Also it keeps the record of number for Tawaf and Sayee.
Al-Hajj ministry can send alerts or notifications for pilgrims through application.
Software Requirements:

Android Studio 1.2.3
Software development kit (SDK)
Android virtual device (AVD)

Hardware Requirements:

Personal Computer.
Android Mobile.
Technology Used
Global Positioning System (GPS).
The most important factor in GPS tracking, accuracy is essential to precisely track the exact location in real-time.
The Aim of Personal Al-Hajj E-guide is to facilitate pilgrims for performing Al-Hajj correctly without any help and to be safe from being lost during Hajj.

To save pilgrims from being lost or miss any rituals .
To provide notification on counts for running between Safa and Marwa as well as circling the Kaba.
To facilitate communication between Al-Hajj ministry and pilgrims.
To implement an android mobile application to guide pilgrims.
To create a database of rituals and prayers for pilgrimages.

Implementation Cont..
We used phpMyAdmin for creating Database of this application.
We created tables which is required to implement the application
Implementation Cont..
System Design
Salha Abdullah Alqahtani 432802139
Samiah Mohammed Alasmari 432804822
Nora Abdullah Alqahtani 432802827
Mariam Ali Alahmari 432805777
Azizah Saeed Alqahtani 432804580

Supervised by:
Dr. Arshi Naim & Dr. M. Anandhavalli

We have put efforts in accomplishing this project on time.
We hope to make some improvement on the designing part too in future by adding more information about Alhajj.
Project Aim And Objectives.
System Requirements
Technology Used
System Analysis And Design
Future Work
Figure 1: Use Case Diagram
Figure 2: Context Data Flow Diagram
Table 1: Hajj Ministry.
Table 2: Announcements and New.
Table 3: Ritual Details.
By Using Android Studio We started design and coding the application
Figure 3: Design Home Screen.
Show the News or Alert that send by Al-Hajj Ministry.
Provide Counters for circling AlKaaba , rounds for Safa and Marwa and count numbers of stoning in jamarat.
Allow application to obtain the GPS location and compare along with date and time then to guide.
Detail information about Al Hajj.
The ministry Admin can log in from here.
Figure 3: Ministry Screen.
Admin Log in.
Figure 4.1: Admin Area Screen.
Figure 4.2: Admin Area Screen.
Figure 5.1: Add News Screen.
Figure 5.2: Add News Screen.
Figure 6.1: Delete Screen.
Figure 6.2: Delete Screen.
Figure 7.1:Display the News.
Figure 7.2: Display the Latest News.
Figure 7.3: Display the News .
Figure 8: Hajj Information Screens.
Figure 8.1: Start Guide.
Figure 8.2: Start Guide.
Figure 8.3: Start Guide.
Implementation Cont..
Upload the application on Google play.
Share it with ministry of hajj.
Add many popular languages interface to the application.
We expect that our application will serve pilgrims and Al-Hajj Ministry in many different ways
Figure 9: Counter screen.
Functionality Testing:
-Check work of buttons: Check Main Screen Buttons , - -Check Counter Work , Check “Where I Am “ button and -Check All Admin Area Button . (Success)
-GPS Location Obtain (Success)
-Login and Logout of Admin (Success)
Usability Testing:
-Test for Navigation (Success)
-Content Checking: Standard Font and Relevant Content (Success)
Compatibility Testing :
-Devices compatibility . (Success)
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