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The Indo-Australian Plate

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on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of The Indo-Australian Plate

The Indo-Australian Plate
•The northeastern edge of the plate is mainly convergent with the Pacific plate has led to the formation of the Indonesian Islands
•The convergent boundary between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate created the Himalayas that are in southern parts of Asia
•To the east the convergence direction changes near New Zealand with the Pacific plate sometimes subducting beneath the Australian plate and vice versa. This relationship has led to transform faulting within the island of New Zealand.

What Is The Indo-Australian Plate

•The Indo-Australian plate consists of the continental crust of the Australian continent and the Indian sub-continent.Also a big chunk of oceanic crust.

Where is It
What type of Boundaries
Against the Antarctic plate: Divergent
Against the African plate: Divergent
Against the Eurasian plate:Convergent
Against the Bismarck plate:Convergent
Against the Pacific plate:Convergent
Against the Caroline plate:Convergent
Against the Philippine plate:Convergent
The Indo-Australian effects how the Earth changes over time.
The End
This Evidence support our claim that the Indo-Australian plate affects how the earth changes over time because, over time the north eastern part of the plate formed a convergent boundary with the pacific plate. Which has led to the formation of the Indonesian islands. The earth is changing if islands are forming. So the evidence supports the claim
Arabian plate is one of the plates surrounding it
Eurasian plate surround most of the northern part of the plate
Antarctic plate surrounds the southwest side of the plate
African plate surrounds the western side of the plate
Pacific plate surrounds the southwestern part of this plate
Caroline and Fiji plate surround the east side
• The Indonesian volcanic islands and the great sumatra earthquakes are a result of the northern movement of the Australian plate beneath Eurasia
• The Indian and Australian plates are moving at different speeds so they will once again split
• The convergent boundary between the Fiji and Australian plate have led to the formation of Fiji Islands

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