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Brand Me & You

No description

Maria Khan

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Brand Me & You

Solution? - Personal Branding BRAND What is a BRAND? BRAND U What can you do to Building YOUR BRAND? Why Brand? where you go from here is right now,
you are a You are the storyteller of your own life,
and you can create
your own legend or not.
-Isabel Allende You are a brand.
You are in charge of your brand.
There is no single path to success. And there is no one right way to create the brand called You.
Except this …start Under Construction blank slate BUILD THE POWER OF YOUR
PERSONAL BRAND “…all of us need to understand
the importance of branding.
We are CEOs of our own companies:
Me Inc. To be in business today,
our most important job is to be head marketer
for the brand called YOU.”
Tom Peters do you want to take
charge of your future? Identify Market impress prospects? land your dream career? But . . . your diploma / training / credentials
is not enough your 4.0 GPA is insufficient Too many people
share your qualifications and prospects are overloaded
with vendors who
sell exactly
or close to what you sell? To just survive, you must stand out from the crowd But you can relax . . . Today you’ll learn
how to stand out BRAND and develop your rise above
your peers professional self U The Current Situation
Why Brand?
What is a Brand?
Your Personal Brand
The 5 P’s of Brand Building Prior to 2000 – scarcity
2004 – abundance
Fewer opportunities
More competition the current situation asss Historically, more than 60 percent of students return home after graduation without a job each year, and that number undoubtedly will be greater this year.
The job search usually takes
about six months,
but nowadays
graduates should
even more
MUHAMMAD WAJEEH KHAN WHY? Water + Sugar + Fizz (put it into a can)
= Costs less than $.10 WRITE PEPSI ON
CHARGE $1.25 INSTEAD REASSEMBLE THE PERSON – CALL HIM TIGER WOODS AND ASK FOR AN ANNUAL SALARY OF MORE THAN $80,000,000 Take a human being and break him or her down to the smallest components – atoms. Take that stuff to the commodity market and try sell it – you might get $2 WHY? Take cheap fabric (the cheapest) make pants using a 100 year old design = production cost $9 PUT THE NAME LEVI’S ON THESE
(no problem) WHY? What do you think of when you read: LOGO NAME ASSOCIATION “A brand is more than a name or
a logo –
it is a promise and
a contract with every customer
with whom you are dealing.”
- Richard Branson arouse emotion ignite passion echo reliability have meaning --Marty Neumeier "A brand is
a person's gut feeling about a product service organization." A consensus about who you are
Your reputation, public image, legend, character.
The collective opinion about you
It’s like a Rorschach test. Somebody flashes you name. What leaps to mind.
David D’Alessandro Personal Brand “Apple opposes,
IBM solves,
Nike exhorts,
Virgin enlightens,
Sony dreams,
Benetton protests. …
Brands are not nouns but verbs.”
Jean-Marie Dru, Disruption …a country as a brand …an
as a
brand What is personal branding? WE you and me ARE ALL BRANDS What does Perception is Reality! YOUR BRAND project You are already being
branded one way or
You can’t build a good
personal brand if you
can’t see yourself as
others see you. Identify Your Perceived Pattern Is this how others see you? The 3 most
important words to
of your
Brand Focus Focus Focus "If you are going to be a brand, you've got to become relentlessly focused on
what you do that adds value, that you're proud of,
most importantly,
that you can shamelessly
take credit for."
- Tom Peters build YOUR BRAND ? Purpose Proposition Packaging People Perseverance The 5 P's The 5 P's Purpose:
Your name means? "Personal branding
lets you control how
other people perceive
You're telling them
what you
stand for…” (Peter Montoya, Personal Branding Press, 2002) When someone hears
your name, what do you
want them to think:
Go-to person?
Really good at ________?
Mr./Ms./ negative? “If you stand
for nothing,
you will fall
for anything.” Ronnie Apteker – Founder Internet Solutions Your Proposition is Your Core Competency.
You’ve Got to Know Yourself to Grow Yourself. How’s Your Package? How is Your Brand Perceived? How we are perceived: Voice38% Visual 55% Verbal 7% Two-Way Street
Sharing information
Sharing contacts
Introducing people
Doing favors
Asking for help
Acknowledging support Who You Know is Networking Your network is your net worth. Perseverance = Clarity 1 3 (continual visibility to your target audience) Constancy 2 If at first you
don't succeed + Repetition (about who you are and
who you are not) (in your message about
who you are) Consistency SUCCESS up to you… TODAY ALL THE SUCCESS! thank you PRESENT CIVIL ENGINEERING
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