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Human Rights Presentation.

Iqra Khan, Surangah Vamadeva 8A (Ms. Gousis.)

Surangah Vamadeva

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Human Rights Presentation.

..for watching!
By: Iqra & Surangah 8A
Human Rights And Its History Around The World
What are Human Rights?
A Bit About The Beginning...
The UDHR was adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 10, 1948 at Palais De Chaillot, Paris.

According to UN, there are 30 rights inherent to all human beings without any discrimination.

Women's Rights: Nellie McClung
& The Famous Five

Many individuals around the world suffer. Not from sickness, diseases or infections; but from not being treated equally. For not being treated like they have dignity. Like they have nothing proud to represent them. Everyday people internationally are being deprived from their human rights. Violations that occur to a human's rights leave the human feeling less human.



December 10
What Are We Gonna Learn Today?
- How it all started...
- Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
- What do Human Rights mean to all of you?
What about Women's Rights?
- A sentimental quote.
Who agrees? Why?
- Quick history on Nellie McClung & The Famous Five.

Children's Rights & it's significance...
- Why do children need rights?
- How are the Children's Rights used & abused?
- List of Human Rights.
Who has helped us with equality and justice 'til today?
- Historic timeline of our heroes.
Who are they?
What did they do?
Brief conclusion...
What do Human Rights mean to all of you?
" I declare to you that a woman must not
depend on the protection of a man, but
must be taught to protect herself, and
there I take my stand. " - Susan B. Anthony
The heroic timeline!
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote out the Declaration
of Independence.
William Wilberforce
Officially ended slavery.
Harriet Tubman
Freedom fighter that
helped free slaves.
Mahatma Gandhi
Fought against violence
and civil rebellions.
Nellie McClung
Fought for women’s
rights to vote.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Civil rights activist that
helped create the
Universal Declaration of
Human Rights.
Nelson Mandela
South Africa’s first black
president that fought through
the apartheid era.
Rosa Parks
Civil rights activist; protested
to end racial discrimination.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Fought against racial discrimination.
Abraham Lincoln
To keep the Union together he tried to free slavery in regions he did not have authority over.
UN Human Rights
-Made up of 30 rights
Susan B. Anthony
-Anyone who is born a human has the right to these 30 rights
Was a women’s rights leader who
encouraged many women to join the
women’s rights movement.
-Applies to everyone without any discrimination
Iqbal Masih
Runaway slave that fought to demolish
child labour in developing countries and became
a part of the Bonded Labour Liberation Front.
On October 20, 1873 in Chatsworth, Ontario.
Born to family of 7.
Studied in Teacher's College.
First women on the CBC board of Governors.
Gave women the right to vote.
Started the Famous Five.
Determined leader that showed the world that; women, were in fact people.
All her organizations started after World War I.
Started in Manitoba.
The Famous Five traveled all across Canada, fighting for women.
Part of the Legislative Assembly for several years.
Created in 1920.

Group that was determined to have women treated equally.
They went through so much trouble for the citizens of today.
To show the world, women are equally capable of what men can and cannot do.
To give justice and equality true meaning.
The Famous Five consists of:
- Nellie McClung
-Emily Murphy
-Irene Parlby
-Louis McKinney
-Henrietta Edwards
This group fought for women's right to vote.
Why do children need rights?

There are many violations that occur to children’s rights, worldwide. There are people in this world that cannot follow these rights; they must do whatever they can to abuse them. Whether it is underground or somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It happens. Slavery and child labour are one of the most common ones. In many developing countries, families can’t pay their debt, so they end up selling their child to factories and horrendous people, so they can receive the money they need. Children get tortured daily at these factories. They are deprived of so many rights, most of them just end up committing suicide. Luckily, in countries such as Canada and the United States, these rights are used with respect and aren’t neglected from a child’s life. No matter how hard we try to make the world perfectly clear of slavery and child labour, there are still going to be places where abuse happens.

How are children's rights used & abused?
In conclusion, we think that all of us should be really grateful of the fact that here in Canada we have all our Human Rights without any of those rights being violated.
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