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Brooke Unknown

on 13 March 2014

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This region is made of plains and some hills. The most important feature to us is the plains because this region is made out of plains without the plains this region wouldn't be the region it is today. The rivers drain into great lakes here. There are many tides in this region. It used to be full of glaciers. There are lots of islands.
Things to know
Tourist Attractions
Natural Resources
There is good soil for farming here. There are also good temperatures for growing many fruits and vegetables. Sugar maple trees, fish, forests, waterway systems and limestone are all natural resources in this region. Limestone is used to make buildings. There is also lots of road salt here. Dairy farming and manufacturing industries are also resources here. In 1996 the region made 18664000 liters of maple syrup. these are very important to the people in this region. minerals
road salt and table salt are used as baking and building.

This region has hot and humid summers and cold winters. There are many thunderstorms in the summer and blizzards in the winter. The temperature in the summer is above 20 and in the winter between -10 and-20. There is 3-16 cm of rain and snow every year. between 200 and 300 mm of snow a year.
Dog sledding is very popular,hiking and
skiing at the Monterigains hills are fun, watching maple farms make maple syrup witch is made near Oxford is very cool. St.Josephs church is the largest church in Canada. seeing history and going to Marine park to watch the whales is amazing.
Rideau Canal skating park it is the capital park. Parliament buildings to see history. Lake superior ,and Niagara
falls are the 2 biggest tourist attractions in this region. At Point Pelee park visitors can walk across the 1.3 km of marsh board walk or canoe on the marshy waters. Calibina attracts millions of visitors. At the Canadian National park exhibition fair you can enjoy dizzy rides.
Well this video explains many different pieces of information from geographic features to
natural resources.

Other Information
Tourist Attractions
Vegetation such as mixed forests and plains. These plains are around with little tree area's. the forest insists of maple sugar trees and walnut etc;
animal life the list of animal life I have is: Deer,river Otter beavers,Mink,muskrat,weasel,coyote etc;. Mount Arford is 853 m high. The Lowlands is near lake Erie, Lake Houron and Lake Ontario.
The provinces in this region include Ontario, and Quebec and we couldn't find any information about the origin. So here are some places to visit Toronto, London, Ottawa, and Montreal.
By Brooke and Aiden
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