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Unified Communications

LawTech Unified Communications

Andrew Pritchett

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Unified Communications

What is Unified Communications?
What are you trying to
When looking at the Benefits there are 3 main categories:
Business Benefits
End User Experience
Cost Reduction
These Benefits can be linked together
For Example, “Reduction in Travel” can be across all 3 categories and I think it is important to recognize this.
How do I fund this?
You are most likely already spending money across the following categories:
WAN link/s.
PABX maintenance.
PABX moves, adds and changes.
Teleconferencing with a provider as a managed service.
Software maintenance for.
Call accounting.
Operator console.
Video Conference Clients such as Polycom or Tandberg software H323.
PSTN connection charges.
Cost Avoidance
Current capacity on any of your PABX, VOIP, VM, E-Mail?
Office Moves or Renovations?
Looking into DR solution?
Projected Growth for your firm?
Linked Opportunities
Someone told me, actually more like screamed at me “
never ever
link projects as if one fails all are doomed to failure”

I strongly agree with this philosophy, however in this case linking projects can help get the project funded.
WAN/Internet contract upgrade, better provider, cheaper cost, increased bandwidth, QOS, Layer 2.
PSTN connections?
Mobile phones and mobile devices, is it time for a refresh?, again shop around look for opportunity to sign a new desk with a tech fund, this can be used to offset VOIP costs?
Disaster Recovery: is there a business pull for DR, this can built into the solution for phones which gets you started?
Best of Breed vs Simplicity
Often infrastructure and application suites, are developed and implemented over time, each time a decision was made by yourself or some predecessor, the best of breed application was most likely chosen but....
Is this still right?
What we did was look for the most simple solution, a solution that we could develop skills in and would enable our people to work easily to increase adoption.
Side Note
Why ?
Next Generation of software, we have found the software very resilient over WAN links and via the Internet with high quality audio and solid video capabilities, without the need for QOS.
We already had Lync in our EA. This is a no brainier to me.
It was cost effective across multiple angles.
Device support allowed us to explore different partners, Audiocode/NET, Polycom, Jabra, Plantronics..etc…
Integration with Microsoft Office Product suite.
Integration with Intranet SharePoint.
Rich feature list. Comparable to any other solution, without addon mentality….
Ease of support and ability to get help.
Familiar with software.
Clients and Administrators.
Leverage internal skills already developed.
Less complexity and servers.
Easy scalability.
Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader.
All features by default, instead of different modules for this and that.
Documentation and training material, Microsoft have provided a fantastic standard of documentation and material that can easily be leveraged as internal documentation.

Why ?
Native support for Lync.
Easy to deal with.
High quality hardware.
Easy to configure and use.
What is it not?
It is About...
enabling users to communicate, simply reliably and efficiently
An IT Toy to implement new software.
About technology.
About diagrams.
A project that has a completion.
Everything supports Unified Communications....
OK, so they gave me money. What now?
1. Audit
2. Get Ready (Preparation)
3. Roll out
4. Post Support
1. Audit
You need to get a list of all services: Audit.
Phone numbers.
External phone numbers.
Fax numbers.
Printer with Fax.
Franking machines.
EFTPOS terminals.
ADSL modems.
PABX configuration.
Analogue devices.
PSTN Services.
ISDN services/ BRI services.
Call routing.
Caller display settings
2. Get Ready (Preparation)
Get your house in order:
Software deployment - Software updates. SOE - Desktop platform and OS.
AD Clean-up - including making sure all your details are correct
WAN upgrades - Redundant WANS.
Telecommunication contracts for PSTN.
Core switching and edge switching.
Internet links.
Get to a stable point.
The above should be started before you start; these items are the
of a good VOIP deployment.
3. Roll out
Go Live
4. Post Support
Make sure your scope include post support for several days, this will help with ironing out issue on the spot, we had great post support from GenE, provided by Nathan and Damien and our project manager.
Can I do this myself (DIY)?
You will need some help (If you get this wrong, you may actually be out of a job.......) - Perception is everything to start with - Mobile phone example.

How much help you need will depend on the following:
Current state of your:
Switches (POE capabilities)
QOS – not really required for Lync.
Internal Skills - Exchange Skills are essential.
Voice Skills are essential.
Network Skills are essential.
Training opportunities:
If you are thinking about implementing Lync you need to get training for your admin staff. On Lync and Exchange 2010. We used EA training vouchers.
You know when to stop the training session when people start to cry....
OnHold Music
Web conferencing
Have patience
Start off small
People want a phone,
Jargon: Microsoft have introduced a new set of jargon
Group pick-up
Transfer of calls:
Too integrated
Quality control phone install
Trust your own judgement
Attendant Console
You need to allow for additional IP Addresses for the phones,
High dependency on scripting skills.
Click to dial a bit too powerful
... I accidently rang my whole Perth office at once….all of them.
User adoption –
our users have adapted very quickly
Standard systems made a
massive difference to support
Roaming users
Work from home:
crack of dawn.
Simplicity on change
Bandwidth and no QOS
VLAN support, no complex voice VLAN required.
Friendly consultants,
maybe we were lucky, our consultants and project managers were really helpful and insightful and did not need to
“Google” everything
User features: our users find ways to do things we did not train, there are many ways to do most tasks and the users find ways to suit themselves, which is great as different people use it differently and get the same outcome.
Audio conferencing:
this was very easy and out of the box.
Happy users:
our users are happy
, we had over 90% user satisfaction, this was way above our expectation.
End user Experience
Business Benefits
Cost Reduction
Realized Benefits
The Process
We are one of Australia’s largest IP firm comprising patent and trade marks attorneys, IP lawyers, information services specialists, IP and portfolio management consultants and R&D tax experts. 

With 31 Principals and more than 275 staff Australia-wide, including more than 90 professionals and 150 support staff across our Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane offices, Griffith Hack is a major IP force in Australia.

IP Specialist Firm of the Year 2011/2012 by Australasian Legal Business.
Griffith Hack - who are we?
Motivators for change
What is Unified

Where we were
One Firm One System:
we now have a national communications system
communication between offices
Software based moves and changes providing a reduction in PABX move and change time and costs
Disaster Recovery
Corporate Office Moves –
streamline and reduce cost
in the process if and when we move offices
All reception operators on single system, allowing for full national control and
follow the sun operations
. 6:00am to 8:00pm coverage
Users are provided enhanced capabilities to
“work from home” or “on the road”
Federation: ability to share information with clients and public
Utilization of existing resources:
IT Staff in Sydney
Sydney Infrastructure
Remote Access Solution
Lync phone system
Empowered user:
user have worked out how to do most things without IT involvement
Simplified: A
single place
to manage all of your communication in a uniform fashion such as phone calls, voicemail, contacts, video calls and instant messaging
Extension Mobility: Your phone extension will be available on any preconfigured computer or handset wherever you are, within or outside the organizational boundaries
Remote Worker:
Communication platform that is available from anywhere – i.e. a laptop connected to the internet in the Qantas lounge will have fully feature of, voice, video, email, voice mail, instant messaging and presence
Click to Dial:
Allow users to dial numbers with a click of the mouse
teleconferencing and web conferencing
for our clients
Personal Attendant functionality
of our staff members and colleagues
Easier to find details and communicate with staff members and clients, as contact information will be recorded within outlook and easily accessible
user intervention for updating contact details,
the system is self-auditing ensuring a high degree of accuracy on contact information
High performance interstate and internet network
Fixed line costs for telephone line rental and call charges
PABX maintenance
Cost of moves and changes for telephone moves.
Software maintenance for the PABX system (This may bite me in the future)
Reduced WAN costs for connecting offices (WAN upgrade)
Internet costs
Interstate communication cost, effectively removing STD calls
If you have a smaller site start there, you need to build confidence in your team for support of the new system
You will need a design, this is where you need to use your training and get support from a consultant. This is the most important phase. Try to do it yourself but get help to ensure you don’t miss anything

This is a complex and involved process that you need to get right!

Keep it simple but allow expansion later
Post support:

Make sure your scope include post support for several days, this will help with ironing out issue on the spot, we had great post support from GenE, provided by Nathan and Damien and our project manager.
Hopefully "Side by Side"
Unified Communications
Understanding the business
Adding Value
Networking - Crowd Sourcing
Keep my Job!
CEO Priorities
IT Manager Priorities
Profit, Revenue, Costs, $$$
Customer Experience
Staff Satisfaction
Understanding the business
Adding Value
Networking - Crowd Sourcing
Keep my Job!
CEO Priorities
IT Manager Priorities
Profit, Revenue, Costs, $$$
Customer Experience
Staff Satisfaction
Before we start
Final Thoughts
As the firm’s offices
and staff
headcount increased
, communications and collaboration became more challenging. We relied on email and PBX phone installations in each office which lead to
increased maintenance costs
. When staff moved to different desks or worked from a different office, we had to
the phones so they could be reached on the same number. Everyone relied on
contact lists
, which administrative staff in each office had to
continually update
. Getting hold of colleagues
took time and effort
. Over time, the workings of the phone systems
diverged in each location
, so that when staff traveled to different offices, they
couldn’t work intuitively.
We had installed Polycom HDX video conferencing suites, but wanted to extend usage to remote staff as well.
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