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Tess' Life story yo

No description

Tess Slamen

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Tess' Life story yo

Tess' Life story YOOOO
My birth story Yo
I was born at a really young age on January 5, 1998.
I chose this day In particular since I was superpose to be born on the 25th of December on calm snowy day, Instead I was Born on one of the most Intense snow storms to have happened in then last 20 years .
I was then born Around 4:08 am in Royal Inland Hospital.
I weighted around 3.6 pounds and I was a normal size.
I lived in Sun peaks, Kamloops for 2 years, Then I moved down to delta.
Rowan & Rachel
they're 14 and identical twins. They were born on December 16 th. Rowan loves to sing and learn about astronomy, Rachel loves to draw and farm animals like fluffy chickens, In grade 4 we hated each other and then we became friends to the point were I could not be separated from them.
Well as all of you know Kelsey is my friend she is Awesome! We have been Friends for about a year and a few weeks now and I have to say she is a really good friend. She enjoys Forcing T.V shows on to people to watch and she love to watch Anime's and Read Mango's. Right now she is head over heals with sleepy hollows.
I have been to Mexico Three times and let me tell you It is
very fun. Our time there is around 8 days long and we spend time in the resort. we leave sometimes to
do things like swimming with dolphins and dune bugging.
I spent most of my time in the pool since i love swimming!
My hobbies
Grade 4-5
I went to Bower Elementary School. My teacher was Mr. Seline. We rode our bikes to Tribune bay and man it was fun! Sadly I have no pictures of it but I have some over the years.
Middle school
Middle school Was one of my Least Favorite times in school, I think Ever body can agree when i say dances and relations ships are super ac word like what do you do? i had like one and that was the worst decision of my life, it has changed me
My family background
<-- me
My dad-->
High school!
Well for high school So far it is one of my Favorite times. I finally like be treated like an adult and not a little child.
My Trip to Dawson City
Okay so long story short My mom moved Away in February to the Yukon, she took my sisters Tommie, Stevie and Ronnie. It took me 2 years to be able to go up and see her but when I was up there I had a pretty good time. My sisters and I would go get ice cream Every day for a month and went camping every 5 days:D
I am totally involved in computers, They are my life. I love Supernatural and Attack on titan They help me Get through hard times, like when i feel like giving up they remind me that everything is and will turn out good even after everyone dies. I used to Play a lot of soccer but I stopped since people got way to competitive.My Dream job Right now would have to be a baker/cook. I like to bake, My cooking is some what amazing, If that dose not work out I would like to Work At Tumblr as Staff worker also Something that is Different I would even work for Google. I also Spend god awful hours reading Fan fictions. I also spend most of my time on Tumblr blogging. Just recently i have been taking japanese, Slowly teaching my self since in too poor and lazy to pay for a real class

Clayton my Brother

my grade 5 graduation
Me at tribune bay
my 9th Christmas
Me and rowan
Halloween! going to liam's party
Bro Fist!
2013 Zombie walk
The Wedding!
The fishing trip
My mommy
A summer Sun dog is a rainbow
around the sun telling you it will
be hot or cold
depending on
the season
This is a view of the Yukon river at 11:00Pm
at night.

Alexander John
this is Kelsey and her cat
Look at his hansom butt face
the day of the wedding
Halloween Costume
For My future family I see me happy with some kids. I want to have 4 or 5 kids. before I have kids I want to live in a small House by myself, Since I like to be alone but I will have some pets like birds or reptiles.
After I get out of high school
I want to travel to a cold place
like the Yukon or kamloops.

Well for my Job I see myself Baking in a high paying place making pastry's and Sweets. Since i like sweets i would have more fun making deserts. My life dream is to make Chef Ramsey a Dessert And for him to enjoy it.
Meet Huston
Art me and My sister Tommie Drew
me and noel
Me as a Fang-kin
Cinder my oc
Something I Drew when I was bored
Castiel The Fin-kin
My sister Drew us together!
Eren And Levi
Eren and Levi as cat and dog
My sister drew me
So I have one Family background that is cool. My mother is a Walsh and we have two Castles and a Family Crest. And are One of the most feared Irish people out there like wow man don't
make me mad!
Walsh Castle
Older Walsh Castle
These are what the natives used to tell
if it was going to be in the summer or winter seasons
My baby's All from attack on titan, Shingeki No Kyogen
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