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economics, culture, geogrqaphy, government, and historical sites of the country italy

ashlee marksbury

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of italy

Current Chief of State: President Sergio Mattarella
historical site: roman forum
By Ashlee, Madison, Alex, and Bryce
historical site: leaning tower of Pisa
the ticket price to get in is 12 euro that is $13.43 in dollars
The original curia (senate house) consisted of a hall 25.20 metres by 17.61 metres, of brick-faced concrete
The forum was initially a market-place in Rome and the site was also used for festivals and funerals. Justice was also administered here and it naturally became a place business, then for politics and popular assemblies, and later on for amusement.
historical site: mount Vesuvius
Head of Government: Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
historical site: collesuem
Government Name: Italian Republic

Forum is a Latin word meaning open space or market place
the leaning tower of pisa weighs over 1,400 tons.

the tower took over 800 years to complete.

The tower stands 55.86 meters tall.

the leaning tower is located in Piazza Dei Miracoli.

Construction was halted for 100 years.

the ticket price to get in to the leaning tower of Pisa is 18 euro. that is $20.15
Constitution: Adopted: 1947
Government Type: Republic
Photos found at Google.com
The labor force in italy is services (74%), industry (24%), agriculture (2%).
Government Control of Economy: 60.9 out of 100
it is best known because of the eruption in A.D. 79 that destroyed the city of Pompeii.
Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano on mainland Europe
Classified as a complex stratovolcano because its eruptions typically involve explosive eruptions as well as pyroclastic flows
On March 18, 1944, a two-week-long eruption began with lava from the summit of Mount Vesuvius.
The magnitude-3.6 quake was felt as far as 15 miles (24 km) from the base of the volcano and was of the same magnitude as a quake that occurred 17 years prior to the last truly major explosion that devastated Naples in 1631
There are hundreds of minor earthquakes in the region around Mount Vesuvius.
the ticket price for mount vesuvius is 19 euro, or 21.27 in american money.
FOOD : What Italy's top five foods are pizza,pasta, lasagna,and minestrone soup.

SPORTS: The top sport in Italy is soccer which is considered as football in there country.

LANGUAGE: The language they speak in there country is Romance language and Vulgar language.

Festivials: The top festivial in italy is called carnevale its a very popular festivial in italy.

Italys soccer team
is ranked number
in the whole world

The Life Expectancy for Italy is 79 for a male and 84 for a female
Currency: Euro
1 Euro equals=1.12 US Dollar

Built in 72 A.D, the Colosseum has remained the largest amphitheater in the world

once hosted the inhuman ¨games¨ of man vs. beast

The Coliseum in Rome has over 80 entrances and can accommodate about 50,000 spectators

over 500,000 people lost their lives and over a million wild animals were killed

last gladiatorial fights took place in 435 AD

games could last up to 100 days in the Coliseum

Romans would sometimes flood the Colosseum and have miniature ship naval battles inside as a way of entertainment

the ticket price is 12 euro or $13.43 american dollars.
The Italian Parliament is made up of 945 elected members. There are two houses, both with equal rights and powers.
Any questions?


thank you
Major Cites in italy are rome, florence, venice are the top three cites in italy!To the north, Italy borders France, Switzerland.

The literacy rate in Italy is 98.4% this year!
$2.07 trillion USD is the GDP in italy.
Italy is located 41.9000° N, 12.4833° E

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