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New UOWD Website Presentation

No description

Rumana Rahim

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of New UOWD Website Presentation

Background I am sure you are all aware of why we are here... Future Peter Hawke CONNECT: UOWDUBAI.AC.AE Methodology Competitor Analysis New Website Project Content Strategy Trip down memory lane... 1999 2012 2001 2004 2005 2007 2009 2011 20th Anniversary Competitive Landscape Consistency Leverage UOW's reputation Project Lead Technical Lead Marketing and Communications ITTS Team
Structure Methodology Card Sorting Focus Groups Surveys Current Students Incoming Students Future Students Alumni Staff School Counselors Parents 2 weeks 12 11 4 204 137 124 44 38 24 20 Design & Imagery Colours are unappealing
Images are old Content Navigation and Layout Technology Cluttered
Can't find information Inconsistent
Missing information Not enough interactivity
Seems outdated New UOWD Website MyUOWD Website Content Future Students & Staff
Business & Community External Current Students
Alumni Homepage Layout Mega Drop Down Menu Content Management System Author Editor Published
Live Benefits Users UOWD Relevant Content
Easy Navigation Process Improvement
Improved Brand Perception
More Enquiries Next Steps Medium-term Digital Strategy
Foundation to build on Short-term Next Week Preview & Feedback link
Launch Date Week starting 10th February
Post Launch Monitor and Improve Department Nominee MarkComs Director, Marketing & Student Recruitment
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