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People's Liberty Party

No description

Jason Levandowski

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of People's Liberty Party

People's Liberty Party
The minimum wage shouldn't increase because if we can make the economy grow, you will get the green.

Also if minimum wage was increased the value of the dollar will fall.
Border control is a must which is why providing the borders with more security i.e. drones is on our agenda.

Also increasing the police's ability to find and arrest illegal immigrants is even more important because no system of border control is perfect.
While some say that people with more money should be taxed more, however if we give businesses their money it will make down to us.

For example, higher wages without increasing minimum wage.
While the death penalty may seem inhumane especially looking at 1793, it is neccesary because muderers are allowed to live while their victim is never truly redressed.
Also, the death penalty should only be used when there is no doubt of the accused person being innocent.
Limiting the ability of a person to purchase a gun prevents people who would use them only in self defense from protecting themselevs.
As for those who would use guns to commit a crime, gun control laws do not prevent these criminals from obtaining a weapon illegally.
Funding the military before an issue arises is important because it will be easier to fight if we do go to war.

An example would be our success in the gulf war.
The influence of government is a delicate balance between stepping in to rectify a situation and allowing the people to function on their own.

Too much control can weaken the economy and too little allows businesses to use under handed and illegal tactics.
Global warming is a big problem especially in the more industrialized parts of the world which contribute much to climate change, accordingly measures should be taken to stop it.
The main thing we can do to stop global warming is to use alternative energy. We can use vegetable oil to power cars-although they will need to be converted and solar
power is a great long term investment.
Obamacare should be abolished because it is using the money of the people who can pay for healthcare and using it on the people who can't.
It should be the job of businesses, private donations and organizations to help those who can't afford food, clothes, and medical assistance.
Requiring ID to vote is a hassle for the voters, and if someone were to vote when they were not allowed the vote would not because of other measures preventing fraud.

The ID is unimportant when identifying if a person in the polls.
The debt ceiling should be increased so that we can fund all of our programs.

This funding should go towards research into medicine, military spending, and other scienctific areas.
Foreign aid should be handled primarliy by organizations unless it is beneficial to us or it helps spread democracy.

At home and abroad elping the poor is the job of those who would use money from sources that give it willingly.
Unions should be supported by the people because the workers are the ones who make the economy run.

Unions want to help its members be treated fairly which is why everyone should be sympathetic towards them.
Immigration should be made easier, however security should be tightened.

Also the Illegal immigrants who are found in our country should not be given amnesty.
We are at a crossroad-one way toward business growth with increased wages, private project funding and bettering ourselves.

The other path is just the opposite.

If we work toward reducing government influence our country will function like a well oiled machine.

Education and social development will increase because businesses need people new to people to keep the cycle going.
If elected we promise to introduce a bill limiting the power of the TSA. We will eliminate property tax as we believe this method of funding schools is unjust. By 2018, we want to have reduced the use of fossil fuels by 20%. Finally, we want to legalize the possession of firearms on college campuses however,the college board will still be able set its own rules regarding this issue.
The immigration order completely ignores our immigration laws and encourages illegal immigrants to use this to stay here.

Using executive power this way is unconstitutional because democracy is based around everyone making decisions.

If due process had been followed an exception would be alright.

If we say we are a democracy we should
act like one.
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